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Department of Communication

Here, in the Department of Communication, we offer a broad, liberal arts education which encompasses all aspects of communication. When you select communication as your major, you will acquire an understanding of the processes we use to relay our messages to others.

Along with enthusiastic faculty members, you will actively engage in the discovery of the forces that influence our choices. You could choose to focus on communication as represented in relationships, groups, organizations, cultures and mass media. You will discover how your successful career path incorporates essential communication concepts.

Begin by looking over our academic program! Discover more about Lambda Pi Eta, our nationally recognized student honor society. Check out our internship page, and see how you can get on-the-job experience by working with an organization of your choice.

As a major in our program, you might decide to examine – or even challenge – politics, social policy, ethics and tradition. Since communication is dynamic, always changing, we invite you to be an important part of this evolution. Our program will provide you with the opportunity to grow and develop as a skilled communicator. In today's challenging world, we offer a valuable springboard for success.

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