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Honors Program


The Honors Program is designed to enhance your education and help you get the most out of college. In addition to the special coursework and freedom to customize your curriculum, you’ll be eligible for scholarships, special research and study abroad opportunities, and much more.

Honors Program participants enjoy special housing in Christopher Newport’s award-winning residence halls. The arrangement fosters intellectual stimulation and puts you in close proximity to other students like you. It’s an atmosphere that fosters productive studying and lifelong friendships.

Participating students hail from all parts of Virginia, as well as states across the country, and represent every major.

An integral part of the Honors curriculum, Inquiries enable you to devote yourself to exploring something you are passionate about, and earn credit while doing it.

Whether it’s interning at a hospital, doing community outreach or in-depth research on the subject of your choice, these undertakings offer an almost endless number of opportunities.

Through Honors Inquiries you’ll feel part of something bigger than yourself as you work to solidify your plans for the future.

As an Honors student, we’ll encourage you to expand your horizons – and even help you pay for it. Participants are eligible for $2,000 study-abroad scholarship as well as other travel and research funds to learn outside the classroom and expand the boundaries of a traditional college education.

Travel and study abroad will enlarge your world-view in new and exciting ways. You can also attend professional conferences, sharing your research and networking with professionals in your field. The possibilities are endless, and these experiences can be used to earn academic credit.

Exclusive study abroad opportunities such as the Principia Consortium at the University of Glasgow offer a unique chance to explore and expand your ideas in new settings.

Principia Consortium
Principia is a group of select American colleges and universities that partner with the University of Glasgow to offer Honors students a special international study abroad opportunity. Students spend a semester at one of Europe's oldest universities studying a wide range of subjects while experiencing the vibrant culture of Scotland's largest city.

Summer research stipends are $1,000 grants that support independent undergraduate research projects. All students are eligible to apply, no matter your interest. Many students use the awards to help fund travel to locations around the globe to further their research.

The opportunities are limitless – projects include everything from AIDS health care and awareness to ethnic music, and from corporate ethics to particle physics.

We support travel by Honors students presenting at scholarly conferences. Apply now for a travel grant to present research at a conference!

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