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Department of Leadership and American Studies

Leadership. Followership. Civic Engagement. Democratic Ideals.
Your passions will ignite through the study of Leadership and American Studies.

Your academic and professional success are very important to us. Our faculty are actively engaged in innovative teaching, one-on-one mentoring and research, and providing opportunities for you to apply what you are learning to help make you part of the next generation of citizen leaders and leadership scholars.

Leadership Studies

The leadership studies major and minor programs inspire students to learn deeply about the phenomenon of leadership and prepare students to engage effectively in the leadership process. These outcomes are essential as communities from local to global require responsible leaders, effective followers, and engaged citizens to thrive. Throughout the diverse program curricula, emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical skills prepares students to intellectually apply their education to real-world challenges. Faculty experts take an interdisciplinary approach to help students understand the complexities of the leadership process through a variety of perspectives. This interdisciplinarity of study also makes the leadership studies programs highly complementary to any liberal arts and sciences or professional education.

American Studies

In American studies, an interdisciplinary approach is used to critically think about the nature of American life, including examination of topics such as region, place, cultural forms expressing American identity, America’s place in the global community, and social constructs of class, gender, and race. A major in American studies is excellent preparation for graduate and professional schools and for careers in journalism, museums, law, government, education, non-profit organizations, and business. Students can pursue concentrations in constitutional studies, humanities, or social sciences. The American Studies major provides analytical courses recommended for both admission to and success in law school. The constitutional studies concentration is designed to prepare students for law school by providing the foundational knowledge of the U.S. Constitution in addition to the analytical, research, and writing skills recommended by the American Bar Association.

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