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Department of Molecular Biology and Chemistry

Explore the natural world!

Gain a wealth of knowledge for success in the fields of biology and chemistry. Experience high-quality coursework in a professional yet relaxed environment. Seize rich opportunities to conduct groundbreaking research alongside faculty who share their traditions of excellence in teaching, discovery and mentoring.

We challenge you to explore and enhance your talents. Build on the liberal learning foundation and gain the background and experience to be successful in your field. Achieve through coursework complemented by research and independent learning opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Molecular Biology and Chemistry is to provide students with a strong foundation in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and chemistry. The faculty endeavor to create supportive educational experiences that illustrate the fundamental concepts that describe the atomic, molecular and cellular levels, and challenge students to apply these concepts to new scientific discoveries.

The department strives to empower our students with critical thinking, oral and written communication, and problem-solving skills through exciting laboratory experiments, critical analysis of modern scientific literature, engaging classroom discussions and cutting-edge research experiences. In doing so, we prepare our students for future careers in science, education, and medicine.

The department encourages all our students to embrace their curiosity and creativity as they explore the fundamental building blocks of matter and biological systems. We believe that the diverse perspectives that derive from a variety of backgrounds and experiences are imperative to the discovery of novel, scientific solutions to the complex problems that we face as a society. We welcome, encourage and celebrate underrepresented voices. We understand that diverse individuals make our scientific endeavors and teaching more robust and creative, which are essential characteristics for gaining scientific knowledge. We believe that all society benefits from a scientifically literate citizenry and offer foundational liberal arts courses in biology and chemistry to all CNU students to share the wonders of scientific discovery with our CNU community and society as a whole.

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