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Department of Molecular Biology and Chemistry

Extracurricular Activities

Each club invites you to connect with fellow majors; a real camaraderie develops and study groups form.

Opportunities abound for interaction between faculty and students. Each semester we host seminars, research presentations, and informal gatherings of all sorts. Students often get together in various student gathering spaces in Forbes Hall.

Along with occasions to mingle with faculty, MBCH hosts several active student clubs:

  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Club

The Biological Honor Society, founded 1922

The Psi Sigma chapter was chartered in April 2006

The acorn, bird and fish represents life on the ground, in the air, and in the water. Blood red represents zoology, leaf green botany. Ask a member about the other symbols!

Faculty Adviser - Dr. Harold Grau

By serving an internship you not only gain valuable professional experience and begin your professional network system, but also gain an edge in the employment market.

Why serve an internship?

  • As internships become more common and even required in some academic programs, employers may expect to see it on your resume.
  • Internships often lead to job offers – a good reason to take the job seriously.
  • An internship is a great way to get an inside look at a particular occupation. It can help you discover if the career you are considering is right for you.
  • An internship may pay very little or nothing at all. If you have to work, you may consider the effect on your income.
  • Internships often involve performing menial tasks, but at least you have the opportunity to observe the inside operation of the agency.
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