Office of Communications and Public Relations

The Office of Communications and Public Relations (OCPR) is the strategic marketing authority of the CNU brand.

OCPR promotes and celebrates the achievements of alumni, faculty, staff and students among local, regional and national audiences. OCPR also establishes branding and identity standards, design and editorial standards, and produces all university communications.

OCPR is staffed by experienced professionals -- creative services experts responsible for developing and executing the marketing and communications initiatives of Christopher Newport University.

OCPR builds and maintains CNU’s image and brand via four functional teams: graphic design, digital communications (editorial, photography, videography, social media), web services, and public relations.

Distribute news and event announcements to three university audiences: faculty, employees and students. All announcements must pertain to CNU business or CNU-sponsored campus activities or events only.

Clubs and / or organizations requesting an announcement must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Life. The University will not send broadcast emails from student organizations regarding fundraising. Use the video screens or the Campus Announcements prepared by the Office of Student Activities for these messages.

Christopher Newport's name, logo, font, designs, photographs, product identifiers, slogans, trademarks and service marks may not be used in any commercial manner without the prior written consent of the Office of Communications and Public Relations.

Our photographers will offer a wide variety of creative, high-quality images of people and events for the University while maintaining archives of all material for future use.

OCPR will work with clients throughout the printing process.

OCPR is able to visually communicate messages to target audiences using design skills, high-quality writing and professional photography.

OCPR creative services is available for general editing and proofreading work. All design projects and publications will be proofed by editorial staff and sent to clients for their review before they are printed.

OCPR's public relations team promotes CNU news and events to the university community, general public, and local and national media outlets, including magazines, newspapers and television.To request a press release, Op-Ed or media pitch please contact the Chief Communications Officer, Jim Hanchett at

Effective use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter allows the University to build and maintain strong relationships online.

OCPR is responsible for the design of all department stationery. For more information about stationary, please refer to the Identity and Communications Standards.

For more information about videography, please email

The Web Services team is available to assist departments in the creation of web pages, including design, writing and website maintenance. They can be reached at or via the form below.

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