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Office of Communications and Public Relations

Official CNU Brand Elements


The sails are appropriate for institutional and academic use only. Text or other graphic elements may not be superimposed on the sails.

Official university brand elements are available to the CNU community for download.

If you have any questions about logo usage or are not a member of the CNU community and wish to have access to our logos, contact


The official university colors are listed below, including PMS numbers; cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) values; red, green and blue (RGB) values; and hexadecimal codes. Black and white are also in the official color palette.

Blue (official)

  • Pantone: 288
  • CMYK: 100/86/26/20
  • RGB: 0/44/118
  • Hex: #002c76

Blue (athletics)

  • Pantone: 286
  • CMYK: 100/82/10/2
  • RGB: 0/57/116
  • Hex: #0039a6


  • Pantone: 429
  • CMYK: 27/26/26/0
  • RGB: 165/172/176
  • Hex: #a5acb0


  • Pantone: 877
  • CMYK: 51/40/39/4
  • RGB: 132/136/139
  • Hex: #84888b


The official university font is Trajan Pro for listing the institutional name.

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