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Report Cover Templates

Need a cover or a title page for a report? Look no further. We offer a variety of options to give your report, paper or other document an official feel. There are four variations of the title page template available and two of the back cover template:

Back Cover Templates

If you are in need of a CNU image for your report, please check our approved campus photos to find something suitable.

Instructions for Report Cover Templates

To create the file

  • Open the appropriate template linked above in Slides 
  • Click File
  • Go to Make a copy
  • In the pop up window, decide where to file it in your Drive
  • Click OK

To edit the file

There are multiple designs available for various needs. Please refer to the necessary information in this section for your template.

To replace text

  • Double click so text is selected
  • Type or paste in the new text
  • Click outside the text box when finished

To replace images

  • Click on the image
  • Go to Replace image in the menu bar
  • Select where you want to replace the image from
  • Select image file
  • Double click the image to adjust the position/scale of the image in the frame
    • If changing size, make sure to click the corners to drag and resize while holding down Shift in order to keep the appropriate ratio of the image
  • Click anywhere outside the image when done

To save the finished file

  • Click File
  • Hover over Download
  • In the menu that appears, click PDF Document (.pdf) and it will save a PDF to your computer.

To use the file

You can either use Adobe Acrobat to combine PDF files and add this as a cover, or if you are using word or Google Sheets, use the PDF as an image file and place it on the first page of your document.

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