Parking Services


A decal or temporary parking pass is required for all vehicles parked on campus, including but not limited to: resident and non-resident students, faculty and staff, and visitors.

Visitors can obtain a temporary permit free of charge from Parking Services during regular business hours, or from University Police outside of those hours. A visitor is designated as anyone who is neither a student nor a CNU faculty or staff member. Information regarding visitor parking is available in the visitor section.

Student, faculty and staff decals are valid for the whole academic year.

The Parking Services Office will begin decal enforcement on the first day of the academic year.

Designations for all students, faculty and staff:

  • Day Student: Non-resident students
  • Main Campus Resident: Students living in either James River Hall, Potomac River Hall, York River Hall, Santoro Hall or Warwick River Hall
  • East Campus Resident: Students living in CNU Crossing, CNU Apartments and CNU Landing
  • Village Resident: Students living in CNU Village
  • Faculty and Staff: Instructional, administrative, classified or hourly employees of CNU

Each decal is designated by sight by the decal number and the color of the outermost border of the decal.

Color   Designation
Green   Day Students
Orange   Main Campus Residents
Violet   East Campus Residents
Red   CNU Village Residents
Light Blue   Rappahannock Residents
Blue   Faculty and Staff

Decals are on sale beginning no less than a week before the start of each academic semester. Decals expire on Aug. 1 each year. Each year, a completed decal registration form is required for new and returning students and/or faculty and staff.

Decals purchased at the beginning of the fall semester must be purchased for the entire academic year; fall semester-only passes are not available. Students planning to graduate in December can appeal for a refund, equivalent to one semester’s decal fee for that academic year.

Resident and Day Students
Students who wish to park in university facilities must:

  • Purchase a university decal
  • Complete decal registration form online
  • Present vehicle registration (expired registration will not be accepted)
  • Driver's license (expired driver's license will not be accepted)

Vehicle registration and driver's license copies are acceptable.

Resident students are allowed to register only one vehicle.

Day students may register up to two vehicles at no additional charge. If you are purchasing online and wish to order the additional decal, please visit the Parking Services Office with your current vehicle registration.

Student Employees
If employed by the university, you must purchase a student decal.

Faculty and staff members who wish to park in university facilities must:

  • Purchase a university decal
  • Complete decal registration form online
  • Present vehicle registration (expired registration will not be accepted)
  • Present driver's license (expired driver's license will not be accepted)
  • New faculty/staff must obtain a CNU ID card before decal purchase

Faculty and staff members may register up to two vehicles at no additional charge; additional vehicles thereafter are $20 each (vehicle registration per registered vehicle is required).

Payroll deduction is only available for full-time and hourly employees.

Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct faculty must adhere to the first four faculty/staff requisites above and must:

  • Present contract (required with every semester renewal) for decal or parking pass purchase determination. See decal prices for details.

Payment by payroll deduction is not available to adjunct faculty.

Vehicle registration, driver's license and contract copies are acceptable.

Vehicle registration original will not be kept; it is only necessary for proof of documentation and indication that the vehicle(s) is either registered at the same address or to a person with the same last name. Expired vehicle registrations will not be accepted.


  1. Display decal immediately upon purchase and/or arrival on campus, and park in the decal designated lot.
  2. Decals are NOT transferable.
  3. All decals must be purchased through the Parking Services Office.
  4. Any decal received as a gift or transfer from one vehicle to another is not valid and is subject to a citation.

Contact the Parking Services Office for further information.

Full Year - Students

All students $250
After fall break $187.50

Full Year - Faculty/Staff

Salary Range Price
Hourly workers $50
$0 - $6,250 Free: temporary pass issued for the semester
$6,251 - $20,000  $50
$20,001 - $30,000 $100
$30,001 - $50,000 $150
$50,001 - $80,000 $200
Greater than $80,000 $350

Additional decals: $20 each
Replacement decal: $20

Spring Semester - Students

All students $125
After spring break $62.50

Spring Semester - Faculty/Staff

Salary Range Price
Hourly workers $25
$0 - $6,250 Free: temporary pass issued for the semester
$6,251 - $20,000  $25
$20,001 - $30,000 $50
$30,001 - $50,000 $75
$50,001 - $80,000 $100
Greater than $80,000 $175

Summer - Students

All students $62.50

Summer - Faculty/Staff

Salary Range Price
less than $25,000 $25
$25,001 - $50,000 $37.50
$50,001 - $80,000 $50
Greater than $80,000 $87.50

As Christopher Newport University continues its focus on becoming a more sustainable campus community, we are pleased to announce a new 20% parking permit discount available for owners of low emissions vehicles that receive a vehicle class ranking of “Superior” as explained below.

This new sustainable initiative is based on information from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) pertaining to Green Score ratings of vehicles. According to ACEEE, in the green scoring system, greener vehicles should get higher scores. Using Green Scores on a scale of 0-100, for a model to earn a "Superior" class ranking, its Green Score must be better than the overall average Green Score, as well as be among the highest in its class.

The new discounts will become effective when the 2021-22 CNU parking permits go on sale July 6, 2021. Listed below are the steps to determine if your vehicle qualifies you to receive a 20% discounted parking permit:

  1. Access the vehicle rankings table.
  2. Using the up and down arrows above the vehicle table, select the year and class for your vehicle, or search through the tables using the pages boxes below the table.
  3. If the class ranking for your vehicle is shown as “Superior,” it qualifies. You will need to print a copy of the information for your vehicle by first clicking on the text box in the far-right column of the table on the row containing your vehicle information. Then, print the page that shows the qualifying class ranking of “Superior” and other information listed for your vehicle.
  4. Make a copy of your vehicle registration card for your vehicle that qualifies for the 20% discount.
  5. Submit a copy of the web page showing the qualifying “Superior” class ranking for your vehicle, a copy of the matching vehicle registration card and your Vehicle Decal Registration form to the Parking Services Office.

Although we plan to provide these discounts online in the future, at the present time, it is necessary that the documents required to qualify for the 20% discount be submitted in person at the Parking Services Office.

Online Decal Registration

Decals purchased after July 1 and before August 3 will be mailed to the address selected during registration. Starting August 3, your decal will be held at the Parking Services Office and you must pick it up in person.

Students: Additional student decals cannot be ordered online. If you wish to order an additional decal, please visit the Parking Services Office with your vehicle registration. Day (commuter) students are entitled to one free additional decal per year.

Faculty/Staff: Decals can only be ordered via credit card if purchased online. If you wish to use payroll deduction, please visit our Parking Services Office with your vehicle registration.

Most orders for decals are shipped within three business days. Orders are shipped only to USA addresses via USPS. Orders shipped by ground service average 3-7 business days from date of order to reach their destination. Please include a complete street address for all orders.

We realize that extenuating circumstances sometimes arise that may result in the need to request a full or prorated refund of your CNU parking decal.

To request a refund for a CNU parking decal that you have purchased, please complete and submit the Refund of Parking Decal Fee Request Form to the Parking Services Office, noting the reason for the request, along with the required supporting documentation, as indicated on the form and as listed below:

  1. Withdrawal from the university, with copy of approved withdrawal form
  2. Graduation from the university in December, with documentation from the Office of the Registrar
  3. Relocation due to military orders, with copy of the military orders
  4. Studying abroad, with documentation from the Study Abroad Office
  5. MAT Teaching for spring semester
  6. Other (subject to approval of the senior manager of parking services or the associate vice president for auxiliary services)

In addition, in order to receive a refund for your parking decal, the entire decal (if being returned unused) or a recognizable portion of the used decal, reflecting the decal number and affixed to a sheet of paper, must be provided with the Refund of Parking Decal Fee Request Form.

All refund requests for parking decals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the period of time between the date of the parking decal purchase and the date of the refund approval, the refund will be subject to refund on an applicable prorated basis.

If a parking decal refund is approved, refund payments for employees will be automatically deposited to the account on file. Students will receive a check, via USPS, within 2-4 weeks.

Please contact us if you have questions pertaining to requests for refunds or other services provided through the Parking Services Office.

If you received a damaged product, please notify us immediately for assistance.

We use secure payment processing by Elavon for online purchases. You may pay for your order using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Christopher Newport University does not store, view or transmit any payment information. This is securely handled via our credit card processor, Elavon.

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