Parking Services

Rules and Regulations

These regulations have been prepared for the safety and convenience of those who operate vehicles on campus, in compliance with § 46.2-1228 of the Code of Virginia. The University cannot guarantee a parking space in a convenient area, but there is adequate parking available. The University does not assume responsibility for the care or protection of private motor vehicles or their contents. Personal belongings should not be left in the vehicle.

Decals, with the exception of temporary permits, are to be affixed to the outside of the driver side rear window or bumper.

Taping the decal to the inside or outside of the windshield or bumper is not permissible. Decals displayed improperly will constitute an "Improper Display" violation. Vehicle registration is not complete until the decal is properly displayed. Only one decal can be displayed per vehicle (i.e., do not display a student and faculty/staff decal). Display the decal immediately upon purchase and/or arriving on campus, and park in the decal designated lot.

If a student, faculty member or staff member with a current valid decal on his/her vehicle is operating a vehicle on campus, other than the permitted one, he/she can obtain a temporary pass for the substitute vehicle at no additional charge after providing Parking Services with proof of identification and the vehicle registration.

The pass will be valid for a period of no more than two weeks and is valid only for the lots in which the regular decal is valid. Members of the CNU community that have chosen not to purchase a decal may obtain a temporary pass at the cost of $5.00 a day, for no more than a two-week period, only ONCE during the academic year. Outside of those two weeks, the operator of the vehicle is responsible for purchasing a regular decal if he/she desires to park on campus. Failure to do so will result in being cited for "No Valid CNU Decal."

Temporary passes for students, faculty or staff can only be obtained from the Parking Services Office (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Visitors to the university need to obtain a pass for any and all times they plan on parking on campus. A visitor to the university is defined as a person who is neither a student, faculty member nor staff member at Christopher Newport University.

Students, faculty members or staff members are not, under any circumstances, considered visitors to the university at any time.

Any student, faculty member or staff member found parked in these spaces will receive a $250 citation for parking in a "Visitor Space."

Visitors to the university can receive a temporary pass:

  1. For no cost
  2. For a period of no more than three (3) days at a time
  3. For himself/herself, but no others
  4. Allowing them to park in visitor spaces (located in Lot B), Student and Faculty/Staff lots.

To obtain a valid visitor pass, visitors will need to bring the following to the Parking Services Office:

  1. Proof of identification (driver's license, non-CNU ID card)
  2. Vehicle information: make, model, color and license plate

Passes may be obtained from the Parking Services Office (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) or from University Police (every day, 24 hours a day).

If you receive a citation for "No Valid CNU Decal" while visiting the University, please refer to and follow the instructions in the back portion of the citation.

In the event a motor vehicle becomes disabled, notify Campus Police (594-7053) and Parking Services (594-7129) immediately. A disabled vehicle decal will be issued, valid for not more than five days. Vehicles left unattended for a period of, or in excess of, five days may be subject to removal at the owner's expense. The university assumes no responsibility for the protection of, or any damage to, such vehicle.

The campus police chief reserves the right to remove any vehicle from the campus grounds. Illegally-parked vehicles may be towed, or a boot may be applied without notice to the owner. The cost of such removal and storage, and any associated penalties, shall be charged against the owner of the vehicle.

No parking is permitted in areas designated as loading zones, except for vehicles being loaded or unloaded. Vehicle emergency flashers must be flashing.
Note: Yellow curbs and brick paved areas are not considered loading/unloading zones.

Parking in spaces designated as "Handicapped Parking" is limited exclusively for those people with a handicapped pass obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Handicapped faculty/staff and students parking in these spaces must also display a valid CNU decal. Persons incurring a temporary handicap must obtain the correct pass from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

There are a limited number of Faculty and Staff parking spaces at the CNU North building. Each valid parking space is marked "CNU"; parking in all other spaces is prohibited. Students are allowed to park in the designated spaces after 5:30 p.m.

Members of the CNU community are not permitted to use these lots unless they are using the services of the businesses.

Santoro Hall, York River Hall, James River Hall, Potomac River Hall, CNU Apartments, CNU Crossing, CNU Landing, Warwick River Hall and CNU Village:

Residents MUST have a valid parking decal to park in their designated areas of the campus. As a resident, YOU are responsible for notifying your visitors as to where they may park. Visitors must obtain a Temporary Parking Pass from Parking Services or Campus Police before parking anywhere on campus.

All lots are open 5:30 p.m.-7:30 a.m., except East Campus lots (CNU Apartments, CNU Landing, CNU Crossing and CNU Village).

A decal is still required during open parking times. Visitor, University Police, Reserved and Handicapped parking are restricted everyday, 24 hours a day.

Throughout the year, there are university-sponsored events which require a comprehensive parking plan (i.e., graduation, football games, job fairs, etc.). Parking Services will attempt to minimize parking changes throughout the year and will provide information and signs to notify of lot closures/relocations in a timely fashion.

Vehicles are required to move from designated lots by the deadline. Any departments planning events that will involve multiple visitors to the campus must notify Parking Services two weeks prior to the event date.

Departments who have guest speakers can pick up a temporary parking pass in advance with the guests' following information: name, date of event and vehicle information.

Campus-wide speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

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