President's Leadership Program - President's Leadership Program - Christopher Newport University

President's Leadership Program

The President’s Leadership Program (PLP) is a four-year leadership education experience that empowers students to recognize their leadership potential and develop personal and social responsibility for the betterment of self and society.

We are committed to:

  • Preparing you for lives of leadership, service and civic responsibility.
  • Facilitating the connection between leadership theory and practice through the integration of academic study, experiential learning and personal development.
  • Inspiring you to define your purpose, find your passion and clarify personal values.
  • Challenging you to develop a philosophy and practice of leadership that encompasses a diverse range of beliefs and ideas.
  • Encouraging respect for individual difference and inclusivity.
  • Valuing collaboration, group work and leadership as a process among people.

For a comprehensive overview of the program requirements and policies please select a PLP Co-Curricular Handbook:

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