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President's Leadership Program

Community Engagement

The President’s Leadership Program derives much of its leadership philosophy from the work of Robert Greenleaf and his model of servant leadership. Greenleaf defined servant leaders as individuals who focus on meeting the needs of those they lead, develop all individuals to bring out the best in them, coach others, and encourage their self expression, facilitate personal growth in all who work with them, and listen well to build a sense of community and joint ownership. Our hope is that you create relationships with individuals and organizations which provide mutual growth for both you and the organization.

For the purpose of the President’s Leadership Program service-hour requirements, community engagement has been defined as the following:

PLP community engagement is:

  • Unpaid work that benefits Hampton Roads’ community partners.
  • Conducted within the Hampton Roads community.
  • Approved PLP community engagement opportunities.
  • Volunteer work completed through University service-based organizations.
  • Performed only during the academic year or during a University sponsored service trip.
  • Service to CNU or PLP during your first year only (unless otherwise approved by PLP staff).

PLP community engagement is NOT:

  • Tutoring your fellow Captains.
  • Philanthropic endeavors (see below for clarification).
  • Tabling in the DSU or Trible Plaza for a cause or organization.
  • Service sanctioned by the Center for Honor Enrichment and Community Standards or a court of law.
  • Political engagement for the benefit or promotion of specific candidates or ballot initiatives.
  • Religious-based engagement that serves the express purpose of the promotion of a particular faith or denomination.

For further clarification on any specific guideline, please contact a PLP staff member.

During your time in PLP, you are required to complete a minimum 100 hours of service. The breakdown over four years is as follows:

  • First Year: 30 Hours
  • Second Year: 25 Hours
  • Third Year: 25 Hours
  • Fourth Year: 20 Hours

You must meet the minimum each year to remain in good standing with the program. In order to graduate with PLP, you must complete the full 100 hours.

For the most up to date information regarding the service hours requirement, refer to the PLP Scholar page.

Log on to and create your profile. You will use this portal to log your service hours. This will log your hours for PLP and, if enrolled, for Service Distinction and Service Distinction Leader. (Service Distinction and Service Distinction Leader are tracked by the Center for Community Engagement and separate from your PLP requirement, although hours may count for both programs.)

How to log hours:

  • Log into
  • Select “Log Hours”
  • Identify the service track under which your service site is classified
  • View a list of Community Partners.
  • Select your Community Partner.
  • Select the date you completed your service.
  • Indicate the number of hours you served.
  • Select “PLP”. This step is necessary in order to count your hours for PLP.
  • Click submit

Check out the PLP weekly email and the PLP Scholar page for updated service opportunities.

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