Developmental Opportunities for Critical thinking and Knowledge (DOCKs) - President's Leadership Program - Christopher Newport University

President's Leadership Program

Developmental Opportunities for Critical thinking and Knowledge (DOCKs)

Each year, PLP students will attend four DOCKs. First year students will attend four Discovery Events, while second and third year students will complete one Leadershop and three Leadership Discoveries.

DOCKs are opportunities for students to both learn about what leadership looks like in various contexts as well as practice applying leadership skills.


Leadershops are applied leadership-focused workshops hosted by PLP staff members.

These events provide PLP students with opportunities to engage in the practice of leadership; they give you the chance to apply the theoretical leadership knowledge you gain in the classroom and enhance your practical leadership competencies.

In each Leadershop, PLP staff will work with you to identify desired leadership growth goals, observe you during the experience, and provide feedback to help you understand where you are excelling and where additional growth is needed.

Examples of potential Leadershops include simulations, case studies, and escape rooms. PLP students commit to attend at least one Leadershop during their second and third years in the program.

Leadership Discovery Events

Leadership Discovery Events are designed to create opportunities for you to engage with various out-of-class experiences including lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Discovery Events are campus and community events that expose you to one of the previously mentioned leadership domains and provide opportunities for critical thought, creative reflection, and greater awareness. PLP students, student organizations, and campus partners will host on- and off-campus Discovery Events. Many on-campus events may be considered for Discovery Events, and we encourage you to submit events you hear about or are coordinating to the Leadership Discovery Request Form.

Approved Discovery Events are shared in the PLP Weekly email and are listed on the PLP Google calendar of events. First year PLP students commit to attend four Leadership Discovery Events during their first year. One of those Discovery events must be a Center for Community Engagement orientation session. Second and third year students commit to attend three Discovery Events per year.

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