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President's Leadership Program

Passport Destinations

The Passport Program is designed to create opportunities for students to participate in various out-of-class experiences including lectures, seminars and workshops. Passport destinations are campus and community events that expose you to social and community issues and provide opportunities for critical thought, creative reflection and greater awareness.

You must attend 12 Passport Destinations (four as a first-year student, four as a second-year student, and four as a third-year student).

To make tracking of attended Passport Destinations easier, you will submit your attended events in Scholar in the Track Your Passport Destinations Here folder. In that folder is an assignment slot for each Passport Destination, which you will use to submit the title and date of the Passport Destinations you've attended. This way, you can keep track throughout the year of how many you've completed, and won't have to worry at the end of spring semester about how many events you've attended, what they were titled, etc.

For more information about Passport Destination events, please check out the PLP Weekly and the PLP Scholar pages.

Interested in making your program/event a Passport Destination? Complete the form found on the PLP Scholar page to submit your event to be added to our Google Calendar and promoted in the PLP Weekly.

Interested in partnering with PLP staff to host a Passport Destination? Email to get started!

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