Council for Health Profession Preparation - Pre-Health Program - Christopher Newport University

Pre-Health Program

Council for Health Profession Preparation

The Council for Health Professions Preparation (CHPP) consists of:

  • director of pre-health programs (DPP)
  • faculty members from varied disciplines
  • members of relevant areas of the administration
  • and practicing medical and health professionals

The council acts as liaisons between pre-health students and the director, provides advice and guidance to the DPP with respect to the pre-med/pre-health program, and participates in the evaluation of all pre-med/pre-health students who request a "Committee Letter" for their application to professional schools or programs.

Director of Pre-health Programs (DPP)
Dr. Gwynne Brown
Forbes 3033
(757) 594-7782

Assistant Director of Pre-health Programs
Dr. Kathryn Cole
Forbes 3030
(757) 594-8195

Faculty and Administrators

Dr. Edward Brash
Associate Professor of Physics
Luter 304
(757) 594-7451

Dr. Kathleen Brunke
Professor of Chemistry
Forbes 3032
(757) 594-7063

Robert Lange
Dean of Admissions
(757) 594-8070

Dr. Christopher Meighan
Assistant Professor of Biology
Forbes 1003
(757) 594-7454

Dr. Alice Veksler
Assistant Professor of Communication
Luter 250
(757) 594-7461

Libby Westley
Director of Career Planning
Christopher Newport Hall Suite 305
(757) 594-7345

Tiffany Carney
Pre-Health Programs Advisor
Forbes 3036
(757) 594-8982

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