Summer Scholars Program - Undergraduate Research - Christopher Newport University

Undergraduate Research

Summer Scholars Program

The Summer Scholars program is an eight-week, in-residence, summer program for students and faculty to collaboratively work on a faculty-derived research question. The program will run June 5 - July 28, 2023, coinciding with the summer I and summer II academic terms. Program participants (student research fellows) will work collaboratively with a faculty member and be a part of a summer community of scholars. An information session will be held in mid-late January.

The program has several goals:

  • Develop enhanced research and communication skills
  • Provide opportunities to become better acquainted with the Trible Library scholarly resources
  • Expand inquiry and problem-solving capabilities

A stipend will be awarded to all student participants who meet all the attendance and research requirements of Summer Scholars. In addition, all students will receive a housing allowance for the length of the summer program.

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Julianne Bieron (Counter) Storytelling: A Charge for Change in Confederate Monument Controversy Dr. Brooke Covington
Colin Bunn Returning to the Roots: "Philosophy" as a Way to Transform Life Dr. John Thompson
Meagan Dewsbury Lesser Known Composers of the 19th Century and the Process of Archival Librarianship in the Josephine L. Hughes Special Collection at Christopher Newport University Steve York,
Matthew Shelley
Keelin Dvorak Logical and Physical Necessity in Plato's Timaeus Dr. Elizabeth Jelinek
Colin Goodpasture Literary Monuments: The Poetic Interplay of Horace's Odes and Vergil's Aeneid Dr. Jana Adamitis
Caroline Hayes Geoscience, Archaeology, and History: The Holocaust in Eastern Europe Dr. Richard Freund
Mary (Mckenzie) Hurley Revolutionary Russia and The Birth of Modern Terrorism: Ideologies and Motivations Dr. Deirdre Harshman
Zachary Kempf The Establishment and Early Years of the Department of War Dr. Hamilton Phillip
Levi Langolf Pedagogical Methods in Elementary-level Aural Skills Dr. Chelsey Hamm
Alexandra Sears Gender Performance and Comparative Law in Revenge Tragedy Dr. Jessica Apolloni
Lauren Stone Conceptualization and Realization of Theatrical Design: Associate Scene Design Work for TheaterCNU’s Production of The Spitfire Grill Prof. Tanya Sweet
Chloe Sullivan The Second World War in North Africa: A Social History Dr. David Stenner
Shaun Henry Workplace Bullying's Link to Workplace Violence Prof. Linda Ficht
Daniel Calvano Examining the Relationship between NMDA Receptor Hypofunction and Altered Expression of Perineuronal Nets and c-Fos in Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Jessica Burket
Ian Conner Photomultiplier Tube Characterization CLAS12 Dr. William Phelps
Hannah Crawley The Dark Tetrad and Empathy Dr. Gayle Dow
Samuel Dickinson Fear to Hope Dr. Robert Atkinson
Summer Duba Investigating Body Shape Variation and Change in Zoarcoidei Fishes Dr. David Collar
Nathanael Ferrante Study of COVID-19 Transmission Based on Geographical Parameters Dr. Priya Deshpande
Daniel Ferrante Gravitational Lensing Add-On Dr. Jessica Kelly
Courtlan Grinder The Effect of Temperature on Fast-Start Performance of Striped Killifish Dr. Thompson Jessica
Abigail Heimbach Understanding Rho-1 and its involvement in DTC migration in C. elegans Dr. Christopher Meighan
Reuben Laryea Modeling of Heterocycles in Tubulin: Towards Anticancer Drug Development Dr. Kathryn Cole
Samantha Le The Overexpression of the Snakeskin Protein Gene and its Effect on Protein Aggregation in the Brain and Muscle Dr. Anna Salazar
Madeleine Lorenger Classroom Demonstrations for Fundamental Chemistry Concept Dr. Lisa Webb
Michael Lowry Lasso Regression with LIGO Glitch Rate Dr. Marissa Walker
Joshua McCloud The Application of the Raspberry Pi in Artificial Intelligence Dr. Costa Gerousis
Emery Moore Generalization of Associative Responding in the Rat Dr. Matthew Campolattaro
Celina Paoletta Quantification of Alpha & Beta Acid Profiles of Hop Cultivars as a Function of Growth Region Dr. Ronald Quinlan
Dylan Pruitt Digitization of historic topographic maps to extract the spatial evolution of the Patios de Vecinos in La Línea, Spain.  Dr. Federica Bono
Brisa Rasmussen Stress and Estrogen Influence on Inhibitory Control in Female Rats Dr. Olga Lipatova
Caitlyn Russ The Role of Tau Protein in Alcohol Behaviors Dr. James Bogenpohl
Nicholas Russo Composite Nanomagnetite-Immoboilized-Zeolite on the Surface of Biochar for the Magnetic Solid Plase Extraction of Pb(II) Dr. Tarek Abdel-Fattah
Clara Salazar The Expression and Isolation of Red Fluorescent Protein in Ideonella sakaiensis Dr. Todd Gruber
Kelsey Shearon Knowledge-base Integration for Biomedical Information Extraction Dr. Samuel Henry
Katherine (Katie) Wagner Determination of Pyruvic Acid Location and Form in Reverse Micelles using Infrared Spectroscopy Dr. Joshua Patterson
Alexander Zannelli Automated Analysis of Gravitational Wave Data in Response to Fast Radio Bursts Dr. Ryan Fisher
Jack Lynam Deep Knowledge Infusion for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition Dr. Samuel Henry
Sean McEachin Framework For Automating the Detection of Branding Element Similarity Dr. Priya Deshpande
Jackson Walker Real-time migration schemes of Virtual Network Functions in Fog Computing Dr. Nazli Siasi
Caden Stark Characterizing slowly varying noise in LIGO gravitational-wave detectors Dr. Marissa Walker
Eliza Carlson Ecological Change and Identity among Virginia's Native Tribes Dr. Christopher Loy
Reagan Connelly Off to Dixie and Adventure: The Dakota War and Civil War Diaries of George W. Buswell, 7th Minnesota Infantry and 68th U.S. Colored Troops Dr. Jonathan White
Cynthia Craig The Abortion Attitudes of Young Millennials Dr. Michelle Barnello
Luke Jackson Wishing to Be The Discovery of What Is: Plato on the Nature and Aims of Law Dr. Brent Cusher
Michael Sparks Wealth, Income, and Living Standards in the Early American Republic Dr. Frank Garmon Jr.
Chloe Younce The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical's Paratextual Influences on Mainstream Media Dr. Michaela Meyer
Carter Young Mapping Food Justice, Food Security, and Food Sovereignty: A Scoping Review of Urban Agriculture Research Dr. Federica Bono
Madison Carrie Payne Understanding Teacher Reactions to A Shifting Social and Legal Landscape: Educators' Perceptions of Laws Limiting Teaching of Race, Sexuality, and Other Social Identities Dr. Jane Rochmes

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Ryan Allen Relations of Gender and Reading Anxiety to Reading Performance in University Students Dr. Kelly Cartwright
Blake Bauserman An Ethnographic Review of the Appalachian Trail Museum: Artifacts, Registers, and Literature Dr. Kip Redick
Steven Baxley Recent Threats of Humanity and the Global Economy Dr. George Zestos
Kaylee Bennett Development of Pattern Separation Dr. Leslie Rollins
Samuel Brady Pedagogical Methods in 16th-Century Counterpoint and Open-source Music Theoretical Resources Chelsey Hamm
Alexandria Brooks Analyzing Political Threats amoung Understudied Minority Populations Youssef Chouhoud
Elizabeth Buccella Dramaturgical Work for TheatreCNU's Dr. Frankenstein Dr. Denise Gillman
Jacob Buchanan Testing Data Cuts for Updated Gravitational-Wave (GW) Triggered Searches Ryan Fisher
Mazie Clark Freedom's Bonds: Free African American Gender and Belonging in Virginia 1783-1865 Dr. Elizabeth Wood
Corbette Condit-Fox Literature Review for Embodied Script Analysis Julian Stetkevych
Grace Cook A Business History of the Post Office Department Dr. Frank Garmon
Rafael Diaz-Cruz Interactive graph visualization for Literature Based Discovery Dr. Samuel Henry
Paolina Doleva Analysis of the Glitch Rate in LIGO Detectors Dr. Marissa Walker
Shreya Ganta Detection of Bacterial Contamination by Nitroreductase Dr. Todd Gruber
Whitney Garrett   Darlene Mitrano
Gwendolyn Gattermeier Quantifying the Interfacial Affinity of Chloride Ions in Sea Spray Aerosols Dr. Joshua Patterson
Colin Goodpasture Humanity as Homo Religiosus: Exploring Fundamental Aspects of Human Nature and Culture Dr. John Thompson
Srinidhi Gopal The role of stress and estrogen in response inhibition Dr. Olga Lipatova
Hayley Groover The Impact of Striatal and Prefontal Cortex Lesions on Discriminative Associative Learning in Rats Matthew Campolataro
Anna Hall Social Psychology: An Unfortunate Void in Social Work Education and Practice Dr. Stephanie Valutis
Lucas Hayes Digging up History: What the Bridger Family Left Behind Alain Outlaw
Garrett Hines Computational Studies of BA0150 Dr. Kathryn Cole
Tyler Hyun AI as a Method for Classifying Music Dr. Jacob Tews
Dahria Kalmbach Ghost Forests: The North Atlantic Oscillation and the response of Atlantic White Cedar to sea level rise Dr. Robert Atkinson
Lorien Kelso The Cultural Economics of the Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industry Dr. Christopher Loy
Sydney King Effect of religious affiliation of aid - giving organizations on refugees' willingness to receive aid in Hampton Roads Dr. Taiyi Sun
Nyla Lewis The Continuance of an Unholy Traffic: Slave Trading in the Civil War South Dr. Robert Colby
Rachel Locke Augustine and Jung on the Self David Salomon
Zachary Luyo Examining the circuitry of dopamine neurons in the ventral periaqueductal gray area Dr. Darlene Mitrano
Jack Lynam Calculating Invariant Measures of Chaotic Systems using Cupolets Dr. Matthew Morena
Mikaela Martinez Dettinger Science and Religion Blog for 2021 Dr. Richard Freund
Blaine Morse Exploring MasSim: Configuring and creating Multi-Agent Systems in the MasSim Simulator Anton Riedl
SaiArjun (Arjun) Nekkanti Testing Social Preference in Zebrafish across both Discrete-Choice and Free-Operant Procedures using the T-maze and Open-Tank Free-Swim Tests Dr. Andrew Velkey
Graham Newman Synthesis of the F-ring of Pseudorubriflordilactone B Dr. Jeff Carney
Julia Nichols Development of Jupyter Notebooks for Physics Edward Brash
Brooke Nixon The Digital Chameleon: Mimicry and Empathy in Computer Mediated Communications Dr. Nicole Guajardo
Rebecca Norton A Digital Critical Edition of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wall-paper" Dr. Deanna Stover
Nathan Ormsby Redesigning Medium-Latency Searches for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Fourth Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo Ryan Fisher
Celina Paoletta Quantification of Alpha & Beta Hop Acid Profiles of Hop Cultivars Dr. Ronald Quinlan
William Parker Adding Anonymity, Security, and Integrity to Fog Networks Dr. Nazli Siasi
Kayla Pauley Impacts of Gut Changes on the Brain and the Reversal of the Aging Process Anna Salazar
Katie Powell Objectivity and Emotion- How Negative Feelings, Empathy, and the Perceived Awareness of Another Affects Subjects’ Ability to Be Objective Dr. Chris Tweedt
Ngan Quach Removal of Copper and Lead from Water Using Pomegranate Peel Biochar Dr. Tarek Abdel-Fattah
Andru Quiroga Deep Neural Networks in Partial Wave Analysis at Jefferson Lab Dr. William Phelps
Magdalena Ralston The Effects of Coronavirus Anxiety on Schadenfreude Dr. Gayle Dow
Emily Ransome Chronicling the Captains: Sixty Years of History at Christopher Newport University Dr. Michelle Erhardt
William Reames Study and Implementation of Rational Agents in a Multi-Agent Systems Simulator Dr. Roberto Flores
Kailey Ritchie Civil Liberties in Crisis: The American Civil War, A Documentary Reader Dr. Jonathan White
Gabriela Rocha Examining the Fading Affect Bias and Relevant Individual Difference Measures across Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Events Online Dr. Jeffrey Gibbons
Laura Roy The Light-Dark Box test for alcohol-induced anxiolysis Dr. James Bogenpohl
Aidan Rucker Investigation of mTOR signaling intermediates in BALB/c mouse model of ASD Dr. Jessica Burket
Caitlyn Russ   Darlene Mitrano
Micah Sieck An Analysis of Leadership, DNA, and the Republican Party Today Dr. Sarah Chace
Katelyn Sloan The Refugee Experience in a Welcoming City Dr. Andria Timmer
Michael Sparks Old Wine in a New Syringe? Collective Action and the underwhelming COVID-19 vaccine uptake: theory and policy Dr. Rik Chakraborti
Thayla Thompson Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment Using Bumble Bee Mating Algorithm Anton Riedl
Irene Thornton On Summer 2020 Protests: The Line of Morality and Legality Dr. Benjamin Lynerd
Jackson Walker Resilience provisioning in Fog Computing Nazli Siasi
Kaemon Watada Studying the Impact of Heuristic Data Cuts on Compact Binary Coalescence Gravitational Wave Detection Range in Coherent Searches Ryan Fisher
Grant Wiley Plato's Letters and Dion's Syracuse: The Theory and Practice of Public Leadership Brent Cusher

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Casey Attallah Assessment of Nutrient Uptake in a Restored Urban Stream Dr. Gary Whiting
Kevin Brent Lying in Wait: How the NLRA's Definition of "Employee" Can Result in Surprise Liability Dr. Linda Ficht
Gillian Byrnes Domesticating Disability: Homemaker Rehabilitation in the Post-World War II United States Dr. Laura Puaca
Samith Chowdhury Vehicle-to-Grid in Microgrids Dr. Hessam Keshtkar
Elyssa Cirillo Exploring Students Informal Notions of Convergence of Sequence and Series Dr. George Kuster
Madeline Clark Development of Computational Models of Prodrugs Bound to Nitroreductase Enzymes Dr. Todd Gruber
Mazie Clark The Continuance of an Unholy Traffic: Slave Trading in the Civil War South Dr. Robert Colby
Trevor Cogan The Second World War in North Africa: A Social History Dr. David Stenner
Jessica Cropley Effects of Polysaccharides on Imitation Cheese Dr. Dmitry Liskin
Blake Doeren The Combinatorics of Cheating Students Dr. Neville Fogarty
Kendal Early Ghost Forest Mystery: Assessing the effect of climate-induced sea-level rise on tree rings of Atlantic White Cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides) Dr. Robert Atkinson
Ahmed Elzamzami Antibacterial Activity of Metal Nanoparticles Supported on Graphene Dr. Tarek Abdel-Fattah
Natalie Frampton Doing 'Diversity:' College Instructors' Perceptions, Encounters, & Praxis Regarding Diversity & Inclusion on Campus and in the Classroom Dr. Danielle Docka-Filipek
Danielle Freeman "Raise the Volume: Black Women and Communication at Predominantly White Institutions" Dr. Danielle Stern
Anna Galanides Expanding the Science Play Digital Database to include Science Play Festivals Dr. Denise Gillman
Katherine Goida Meta-analysis on the effect of learning task on the own-race bias Dr. Leslie Rollins
Haley Groover The Impact of Striatal Lesions on Discriminative Associative Learning in Rats Dr. Matthew Campolattaro
Michael Hemmer Norepinephrine - Dopamine interactions in the Dorsal Hippocampus and Locus Coeruleus Dr. Darlene Mitrano
Beverly Hollberg Discovering the Relationship Between Religiosity and Support for Environmental Policies Dr. Andrew Kirkpatrick
Grace Johns Gravitational Wave Dectection Characterization Dr. Ryan Fisher
Margaret Kirkpatrick Leading Lives of Significance: The Meaning of Volunteerism and Service Learning at Christopher Newport University Dr. Andria Timmer
Kaitlyn Kitchen Quantification of Microplastics in Oysters and Clams in the Chesapeake Bay Area Dr. James Bogenpohl
Jared Koenig The Ethics of Bahamian Sand Exportation: An Analysis of the Sustainability Impact of Sand Exports from South Andros Dr. Chris Tweedt
Caroline Koon Potential Sex Differences in the Affinity for Social Cohesion: Can Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Distinguish Between Newly-Formed and Established Shoals? Dr. Andrew Velkey
Audrey Lawton Generate a training dataset of matching Google StreetView and hybrid roadview pairs Dr. Keith Perkins
Arianna Lipton Developing Novel Tracking Capabilities of Ethovision Software to Analyze Stress-Induced Behaviors Throughout the Estrous Cycle of Rodents During Spatial Learning in the Open-Field Tower Maze Dr. Olga Lipatova
Mark Luther How Sex Became Gender Dr. Elizabeth Kaufer Busch
Jack Lynam Using regression algorithms to improve the sensitivity of the LIGO gravitational-wave detectors Dr. Marissa Walker
Kiley McLeroy Jerusalem and Athens: A Comparative Study of Moses and the Golden Calf and Odysseus and the Cattle of Helios Dr. Brent Cusher
Ashley McMillan Against Censorship: Women's Clubs and Film Reform under Hollywood Production Code, 1930-1955 Dr. John Nichols
Anna Miller The Binding Interactions Between Histone Deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) and Romidepsin Dr. Kathryn Cole
Rose Napolitano Predicting Red list Endangered Classification of Coral Reef fishes using Life History Traits and Phylogeny Dr. David Collar
Zenith Nguon The Dark: A Critical Edition Dr. Anna Teekell
Brooke Nixon Effects of Mindset Priming and Technology on Theory of Mind Performance Dr. Nicole Guajardo
Nathan Ormsby Characterizing Transients in the Followup Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray-Bursts Dr. Ryan Fisher
Clifton Painter The Determinants of German and Japanese Exports. A Success Story of Export-led Growth Dr. George Zestos
Celina Paoletta Increase Capacitance of Vertically-Oriented Graphene Electric Double Layer Capacitors Dr. Ronald A. Quinlan
Nicklas Phillips The Contribution of Reading-Specific Executive Function to Reading Comprehension in Older Adults Dr. Kelly B. Cartwright
Stephen Pierce Playing with Poison: Motive, Murder, and Legal Uncertainty in Early Modern Drama Dr. Jessica Apolloni
Samantha Plesce Modeling and evaluation of UAV based Sik Radio vulnerabilities Dr. Jonathan Backens
Andru Quiroga Innovative Applications using Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Physics at Jefferson Lab Dr. William Phelps
Magdalena Ralston Gender Effects of Empathy in Relation to Physiological Responses to Schadenfreude Dr. Gayle Dow
Andrew Ramseur A Business History of the Post Office Department Dr. Frank W. Garmon Jr.
Gabriela Rocha The Effects of Priming and Source on the Believability and Recognition of Headlines Dr. Jeffrey Gibbons
Cody Sessions Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Protein Aggregates in the Gut and Brain and their Relationship with Aging Dr. Anna Salazar
Emily Sinniger Traits Associated with Dimprphism in Silene dioica Dr. Janet C. Steven
Laura Slayton Flexible Manipulation Upgrade and Testing with HEBI Robot arm Dr. David Conner
Sarah Smith Evidence of a Gap in Doctor-Patient Communication Dr. William Donaldson
Michael Sparks Slaves' Views of Abraham Lincoln Dr. Jonathan White
Tatiane Swap Analysis of the Northern Snakehead's Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Dr. Ryan Carpenter
Mary Tharp Online Coverage of "The Great Synagogue" Archeological and Geoscience Trip & Documentary Dr. Richard Freund
Mollie Valorose Student Distress: Navigating University Resources Dr. Michelle Lange
Kaemon Watada Multiplanar Gravitational Lensing Dr. Jessica Kelly
Shayne Weierbach Total Synthesis of the Torreyunlignans Dr. Jeffrey M. Carney
Kyle Werntz Task Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing Dr. Mohammad Almalag
McKenzie White Beyond Students, Keeping Captains Healthy Dr. Jill Russett
Katherine Witmer Industrializing the Oyster Dr. Christopher Loy

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Rachel Applebach Nepal: Yesterday and today: Exploring models, successes, and failures in the teaching of writing in developing nations Dr. Rebecca Wheeler
Elliott Armstrong Exploiting Communication Protocols: A Cyber Security Case Study of the Parrot Bebop 2 Dr. Jonathan Backens
Sarah Badertscher Airmail of the American Expeditionary Forces 1917-1918 Dr. Frank Garmon, Jr.
Kaylie Bennett How Sex Became Gender: Philosophical Origins Dr. Elizabeth Kaufer-Busch
Annette Berkin Molecular Cloning for Transgene Expression: Creation of a Model System for Laboratory Courses in Cellular Biology Dr. Denise Tombolato-Terzic
Trevor Boynton Dramaturgical Research on TheaterCNU’s Production of Experiment with an Air Pump Dr. Denise Gillman
Adam Bradie Novice and Expert Evaluation of Generic Proofs Dr. George Kuster
Dawson Brown Women’s Empowerment and National Conspicuous Consumption Dr. Rik Chakraborti
Marisa Butler Political and Questions Doctrine, Separation of Powers, and American Jurisprudence Dr. Michelle Kundmueller
Margaret Byers Pirates of the Confederacy: The Cursed Letter of Marque Dr. Jon White
Kelly Calvin The Problem with Defining Mass Shootings: 50 Years in the Making 1968-2018  Dr. Lisa Waldron
Cade Cobbs Investigating the Spatial Variability of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities Relative to Inundation along an Upstream-Downstream Gradient in Hoffler Creek, Portsmouth, VA Dr. Heather Harwell
Jessica Cornett Professors’ and Higher Education Instructors’ Attitudes Towards and Incorporation of ‘Diversity’ into Course Material Dr. Danielle Docka-Filipek
Isabel Danstrom Enhances controls for testing male and female zebrafish (Danio rerio) preferences for higher-fidelity social stimuli Dr. Andrew Velkey
Nicolette DeFrank The Genius of Leadership: Plato’s Doctrine of the Lawgiver Dr. Brent Cusher
Nicholas DeHoust Artificial Morality: Defining a Hybrid Approach to Machine Ethics Dr. Chris Tweedt
Adrianna DeSantis Sensemaking in the Current Era: The Interventions of Jeff Flake Dr. Sarah Chace
Ian Dors Using Clustering Algorithms to Optimize School Students’ Bus Stops Dr. Dmitriy Shaltayev
Emma Dryden Investigating the response of mummichog to climate change: favored polychaete species and prey availability after water inundation Dr. Jessica Thompson
Connor Elsbernd Examining Trace and Delay Eyeblink Conditioning with Off-Cues Dr. Matthew Campolattaro
Mikaela Farrugia Determination of Hydrated Proton Availability at Biological Interfaces from Deconvolved Infrared Spectra Dr. Joshua Patterson
Danielle Freeman Black Women’s Communication about vulnerability Dr. Danielle Stern
Sydney Gammon Wheelin’, Dealin’, and Feelin’: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Dr. Linda Ficht
Susannah Garber Gene expression of dopamine and serotonin receptors involved in habituation and reward in female rats: Role of circulating gonadal hormones in modulation of stress-induced addictive behaviors Dr. David Knight
Yimin Guo Statistical Analysis of 2016 Election Data, General and Primary presidential elections Dr. Zhaochen He
Emery Harlan Behavioral Inhibition in Male and Female Rats using Touchscreen Operant Behavior Dr. Olga Lipatova
Tanner Hawk Assembling and Assessing Hodoscope Arrays for Hall A Polarimeter Dr. Edward Brash
Alissa Hinz Bisexuality and Identity Dr. Michaela Meyer
Ashley Irving The Reentry Experiences of Parents in Hampton Roads Dr. Steven Keener
Kazuki Johnstone Border Bibliography: Literature of the Irish Border in the Age of Brexit Dr. Anna Teekell
Jared Koenig Improving the Data Analysis Software Used to Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts and Fast Radio Bursts in Advanced LIGO Data Dr. Ryan Fisher
Joshua Kolba Towards the crystallization of HDAC8 Dr. Kathryn Cole
Genevieve Lewis Autonomic Correlates of Rumination and Savoring Dr. Lindsey Stone
Ayanna Limaye Behavioral effects of an alcohol-related hub gene Dr. James Bogenpohl
Nafeesa Lodi Development of Pattern Separation Dr. Leslie Rollins
Allison Lyne Madness and Medicine: Mental Illness and Its Treatments in Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Comedies Dr. Jessica Apolloni
Ryo Murasaki Development of DNA primers for use in genotyping Osmunda claytoniana Dr. Janet Steven
Owen Napolitano Coleopetera (Beetle) Diversity of Hampton Roads Dr. Michael Meyer
Adelyn Noble Finding “Nice” Polynomials in Single Variable Calculus Through Origami Optimization Dr. Jessica Kelley
Michael Patel Gamma-Ray Burst triggered searches for Gravitational Waves Dr. Ryan Fisher
Erin Phillips Analysis of the Catalytic Properties of Reduced Metal Boride Frameworks Supported on Carbon Nanotubes Dr. Tarek Abdel-Fattah
Nicole Pope How the #MeToo Movement has affected gender related HR policy in the workplace Dr. Angela Spranger
Stephanie Razavi Dopamine and Norepinephrine Localization in the Dorsal Hippocampus Dr. Darlene Mitrano
Riley Redd The effect of attributions about low coworker effort levels on individual motivation in a group performance setting: In search of social loafing and social compensation effects Dr. Jason Hart
Mara Scally Analyzing Variation in State Newspaper Coverage of Climate Change Dr. Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo
Katherine Schweickhardt Europe in the midst of Political and Economic Crisis Dr. George Zestos
Sarah Webb Keeping Captains Healthy- Exploring behavioral health and wellness among college students Dr. Jill Russett
Ekaterina Shaltaeva Optimizing School Bus Routing Using Modified Clarke-Wright Heuristic Dr. Robert Hasbrouck
Noah Sieck A University Smart Parking System Using Machine Vision Dr. Mohammad Almalag
Shannon Smith Regional Variation Across Virginia in Preferences for Specific CTE Industry Areas Dr. Jane Rochmes
Kelton Sullivan Mapping Power: Appalachian Coal, Hampton Roads Ports, and the Making of American Might Dr. James Allison
Mary Tharp Why Weird Tales? An evaluation of the pulpwood’s fulfillment of weird-fiction goals Dr. Jason Carney
Mackenzie Thorne Carpe Diem: Understanding the Odes of Horace Dr. Jana Adamitis
Noah Wallace Directed evolution of I. sakaiensis bacteria to improve plastic-degrading properties Dr. Todd Gruber
Henry Wilson Bringing the Software of the Clearpath Robotics Jackal to Conformity with Standards of Latest Software Frameworks, with Additional Computer Vision Experiments Dr. David Conner
Dale Wilson Allylations of carbonyls Dr. Jeffrey Carney
April Young Soil respiration in wet mineral flats Dr. Rob Atkinson
Joshua Zutell Mapping and Navigation Software Development for the ClearPath Robotics Jackal Using ROS and Flexible Navigation Dr. David Conner

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Nassim Ahmadi Class Background and Teachers’ Beliefs Dr. Jane Rochmes
Matthew Arthur Origins and Evolution of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime Dr. Nathan Busch
Thomas Bilokon Diamination of Tethered Amino Alkenes Using in situ Generated Hypervalent Iodine Dr. Dmitry Liskin
Nicole Bolavage Development of a robust GC-MS method for the identification of counterfeit chemicals Dr. Ronald Quinlan
Eucolona Bonett Total Synthesis and Molecular Docking of Torreyunlignans Dr. Jeffrey Carney
Courtney Botkin Quantitation of HDAC8 Inhibition by Hydroxamic Acid Inhibitors using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Dr. Kathryn Cole
Marisa Butler The Limits of Law: Philosophical and Constitutional Dr. Michelle Kundmueller
Ajmain Chowdhury The Impact of Fornix Lesions on Associative Motor Learning in the Rat Dr. Matthew Campolattaro
Noah Crawford The Military and Social Evolution of Washington's Continental Army Dr. Phillip Hamilton
Emma DiPaolo ​The Anatomical Basis of Evolutionary Transformation in Blenniiform Fishes Dr. David Collar
Grace Doebler Does L-DOPA increase impulsivity in male and female Betta splendens? Dr. Andrew Velkey
James Doyle Analyzing tree cores for indication of water level impact on growth rings Dr. Robert Atkinson
Eric English Brain cell-type expression pattern of the ethanol-related gene Clic4 Dr. James Bogenpohl
Corinne Fair Robotic State Machine Development using FlexBE and ROS Dr. David Conner
Ayesha Ferozpuri Eye Tracking & Emotion Recognition in Children and Adults Dr. Laurie Hunter / Dr. Leslie Rollins
Jack Filiault Writing Games: Play and Collaboration in College-Level Writing Pedagogy Dr. Nicole Emmelhainz
Summer Fitzpatrick Tuning Out Trump; The Use of Digital Media as a Means of Coping With 'Trump Fatigue' Dr. Jennifer Billinson
Danielle Forand The Secession Crisis Diary of Gideon Welles Dr. Jonathan White
Carly Fort ”You can't post that!" An Exploration of Regulations for Alcohol Use on Social Media among Greek Sorority Organizations Dr. Jill Russett
Nicholas Gehle Examining the Arousal Circuitry of the Ventral Periaqueductal Gray Area in the Mouse Brain Dr. Darlene Mitrano
Benjamin Gendell Development of Software Defined Radio Testbed for Localization Dr. Jonathan Backens
Lee Grinnan An Assessment of Nutrient Uptake of an Urban Stream Dr. Gary Whiting
Casey Hall Power, Identity, and the Role of Dunamis in Ancient Greek Thought Dr. Elizabeth Jelinek
Dillon Heh Power Management through Aging-Based Task Scheduling Algorithms in Smart Grids Dr. Farideh Doost Mohammadi
Alissa Hinz Bisexuality and Identity Dr. Michaela Meyer
Samuel Houle Determining the fatty acid/lipid profiles in 3xTg-AD mice in plasma and in red blood cell membranes Dr. Frank Garmon, Jr.
Blair Johnson Researching Rhetoric in Fertility Apps Dr. Kathryn Swacha
Thomas Kelly London Trade Facilities: Continuity of a Thriving Trade City Dr. Charlotte Cartwright
Blakely Lockhart The effect of stress on learning in the open-field tower maze throughout the estrous cycle in the rat Dr. Olga Lipatova
Matthew Maguire Mapping Power: Appalachian Coal, Hampton Roads Ports, and the Making of American Might Dr. James Allison
Daniel McCollum On the Historical and Scientific Context of Uncertainty in Moby Dick Dr. Michael Swacha
Taylor McDonald Defining 'Diversity:' Exploring the Language College Students Use to Make Sense of Inequality, Diversity, & Inclusion in Higher Education Dr. Danielle Docka-Filipek
Rachel Morrison The Ideological Formation of Moroccan Nationalism on the Global Stage (1944-56) Dr. David Stenner
Aubrey Olsen ERP Study of the Own Age Bias in Memory for Faces Dr. Leslie Rollins
Moriah Poliakoff ​On "Representative Democracy" in the Early Republic Dr. Benjamin Lynerd
Brian Price Metal Boride Carbon Nanotube Composites for Catalysts in Hydrogen Generation Dr. Tarek Abdel-Fattah
Haley Reynolds The Empty City: Why Roman Londinium Was Abandoned Dr. Charlotte Cartwright
Kymbre Robinson Investigating the interaction between Rho GTPase and Integrins during cell migration in C. elegans Dr. Christopher Meighan
Alexandra Rosado Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (eQCM) study of ion fluxes in vertically oriented graphene electrodes Dr. Ronald Quinlan
Grace Sharlun How the Supreme Court protects the Writ of Habeas Corpus during the Lincoln and Bush Presidencies Dr. Elizabeth Kaufer Busch
Lucas Sharrett A Comparison of Biodiversity in Aquatic Microbes and Macroinvertebrates as an Indicator for Health in Restored Wetlands Dr. Michael Meyer
Jakira Silas Living Together/Living Apart: denaturalizing 21st century urban segregation through stories, sound, and images Dr. John Finn
Ross Taylor The Ambiguity of Ahimsā: Violence and Non-Violence in Buddhism Dr. John Thompson
Meredith Varmecky Interfacial Partitioning of Nitrate Ions Through Counterion Size Progression Dr. Joshua Patterson
Anya Walker The Voice of the Consumer on Social Media: A Content Analysis of Consumer Interactions with Fortune 100 Companies through Social Media Dr. Dae-Hee Kim
Noah Wallace Analysis of nitroreductase variants for anticancer prodrug activation Dr. Todd Gruber
Shawn West Investigating interactions between bacterial genotype, viral genotype, and temperature to understand how infectious pathogens will respond to climate change Dr. Jennifer Knies
Angelica Wood Privatizing the Bay: Measuring the Impact of Aquaculture on Virginia Watermen Communities Dr. Christopher Loy
Meaghan Yesford Building the Science Play Catalogue, an interdisciplinary digital scholarship database of science plays and performance Dr. Denise Gillman

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Taylor Betts Sex Differences in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) responses to different social stimuli Dr. Andrew Velkey
Hannah Broughton Abraham Lincoln and the Slave Trade Dr. Jon White
Royall Bryan Migrants, Refugees, and the Media: The Shifting Public Perception of Migration Within American Mass Media Outlets Dr. Andria Timmer
Matthew Byrom Characterizing Structural Unemployment in the United States Dr. Zhaochen He
John Christman Comparing Genetic Diversity of the Interrupted Fern (Osmunda claytoniana) and the Apple (Malus pumila) Dr. Janet Steven
Noah Crawford The Military and Social Evolution of Washington's Continental Army Dr. Phil Hamilton
Emma Croushore Comparative histochemical and behavioral analysis of the 3xTg-AD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Darlene Mitrano
Haley Currence Model Development of CHRISLab ROS Components Dr. David Conner
Autumn D’Auteuil The Protective Effect of Stress on Memory Function Dr. Olga Lipatova
Brady DeHoust ​The Consistency of Truth: Classical Greek Philosophy and the Bible as Mutually Edifying Dr. Brent Cusher
J. Mitchell Doyle The Islamic Environmental Ethic & its Interaction with Environmental Policy Dr. Hussam Timani
Taylor Foreman Brain cell-type expression pattern of the ethanol-related gene Clic4 Dr. James Bogenpohl
Benjamin Genovese Utilizing GC-MS and HPLC-MS to Determine the Fatty Acid/Lipid Profiles of the Plasma and Red Blood Cells in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Lisa Webb
Alexandra Green Eye Tracking Study of Relational Memory Development Dr. Leslie Rollins
Camille Gross Screening the Latin American Slums in the 21st Century: Re-Defining Realism Dr. Rocio Gordon
Casey Hall Not Simply an Idealist: Investigating the Connection of Plato to the Practices and Principles of Ancient Greek Medicine Dr. Betsy Jelinek
Gillian Hardy ​Mythical Archetypes in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock Dr. Mark Padilla
Brandon Hubbard To Kill a Mockingbird, Legal Ethics, and the Promise of Attic Rhetoric Dr. Michelle Kundmueller
Hannah Jackson Sex Equality Transformed Dr. Elizabeth Kaufer-Busch
Andres Maeso Synthesis of Model Positive Electrode Films for the Advanced Study of Lithium-Ion Battery Mechanisms Dr. Ronald Quinlain
Margaret McEwan Total Synthesis of Torreyunlignan Natural Products Dr. Jeffrey Carney
Ashley McKenzie College Students’ Understandings of ‘Diversity,’ Difference, & Racial Inequality Dr. Danielle Docka-Filipek
Caraline Morrow Motivation in the Arts: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Dr. Gayle Dow
Katrina Napora The Effect of Soil Organic Matter on Soil Respiration Rates Dr. Rob Atkinson
Ali Nayyef Understanding the Homeland Security Enterprise: Coordination and Partnerships Dr. Nathan Busch
Elizabeth Nelson Auditory Cue Absence as a Conditioned Stimulus for Trace Eyeblink Conditioning Dr.Matthew Campolattaro
Casey O’Neil Thiazole Orange as a Fluorescent Dye to Limit Damage to DNA Dr. Todd Gruber
Justin Osborne Noble Metal Aerogels for the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol Dr. Tarek Abdel-Fattah
Jessica Patchan Domesticating Disability: Homemaker Rehabilitation in the Post-World War II United States Dr. Laura Puaca
Joseph Picone Quantitative analysis of Dopamine and Serotonin Receptor mRNA Expression within Dorsal Striatum and Hippocampus of Female and Male Rat Brain Dr. David Knight / Dr. Olga Lipatova
Connor Rooney A Social Machine for Research LENS Dr. Matthew Hettche
Delany Rousseau The Effect of Copper on Antioxidant Gene Expression of SOD1 and GPX1 in Zebrafish Dr. Katie Wiens / Dr. David Knight
Rachel Schendzielos Using Paraffin Embedding and Histological Techniques to Determine the Olfactory Deficits of the 3xTg-AD Mouse Dr. Harold Grau
Christine Shreve ​Exploring Religious Perspectives on Sex Trafficking Dr. John Thompson
E. Delaney Thornton ​Investigating the regulation of integrin expression in sheath cells in C.elegans Dr. Christopher Meighan
Caleb Tupper A Social Machine for Research LENS Dr. Matthew Hettche
Meredith Varmecky Interfacial Partitioning of Nitrate Ions under Acidic Solution Dr. Joshua Patterson
Tanisha Washington Race, Labor, and Environmental Attitudes and Impacts in the Chesapeake Bay Dr. Christopher Loy
Hope Webb Disaster Response Localization using Software Defined Radios Dr. Jonathan Backens
Isaac Woods Dynamics of a Family of Set-valued Functions Dr. James Kelly

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Armen Beck Synthesis of Beta­Ketoester Fragments for the Total Synthesis of Torreyunlignans A­D Dr. Jeffrey Carney
Erin Bertero ERP Correlates of Memory for Faces in Middle Childhood Dr. Leslie Rollins
K. Jacob Blackshaw The Interfacial Affinity of Nitrate in the Presence of Halides Dr. Joshua Patterson
Scott Bledsoe Protection from Above? An Analysis of the European Union, Counter-radicalization Policies, and State Vulnerability to Terrorism Dr. Crystal Shelton
Dyllan Cecil Reading a Medieval Manuscript: Translation of the Cartulary of the Nunnery of Saint­Amand, Rouen Dr. Charlotte Cartwright
Michael Costas “In the Beginning was the Word...” -- Exploring the Way(s) of Language in Philosophical, Theological, and Religious Writing Dr. John Thompson
Willem Craun Investigating the Ionospheres Relationship to Magnetosphere Dynamics Dr. Anna DeJong
Darcy Davidson Cyclization of Tethered Aminoalkenes with in situ Generated, Catalytic Hypervalent Iodine Dr. Dmitry Liskin
George Decatur Extreme Inbreeding in Interrupted Fern: Can it be Prevented? Dr. Janet Steven
Ayse Durak ​Sex Differences in Response Learning and the ​Influence of Stress on Retained Spatial Memory Dr. Olga Lipatova
Elissa Fink Activity Measurements and Structure Determination of Histone Deacetylase 8-Depsipeptide Complexes Dr. Kathryn Cole
Daniel Glenn Abraham Lincoln and the Slave Trade Dr. Jonathan White
Nicole Gould Synergistic Signaling Relationships During Cell Migration Dr. Christopher Meighan
Alexandra Hanscom Determinants of Demand of Trafficked Labor: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis on Human Trafficking Dr. Jia Yu
Heather Kay Behavioral Responses of Danio rerio to Social Stimuli of Varying Levels of Fidelity Dr. Andrew Velkey
Eric Kennedy The Role of the Hippocampus in Spatial Learning Dr. Matthew Campolattaro
Margaret McEwan The Synthesis of Allylic Bromides towards the Convergent Total Synthesis of Natural Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Dr. Jeffrey Carney
Daniel McMahon Quantification of Fishery Resource Productivity of Restored Oyster Reefs Dr. Russell Burke
Benjamin Miller Copper-Induced Neurodegeneration in a Zebrafish Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Katie Wiens & Dr. David Knight
Christina Mirda The Use of Tree Rings to Reestablish Historic Hydrographs in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge: Implications for Management Dr. Rob Atkinson
Reece O’Donnell Living Shoreline Stabilization in Back Bay, Virginia Dr. Heather Harwell
Lindsay Odil Examining the Localization of alpha-1 Adrenergic Receptors in the Ventral Periaqueductal Grey Area and Rostral Linear Nucleus of the Mouse Brain Dr. Darlene Mitrano
Dagney Palmer Spinoza: The Project of Human Perfection Dr. Matthew Homan
Elizabeth Samios Politics and the Flight From Honor in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey Dr. Michelle Kundmueller
Marshall Segars Cash Flows & Tracking Errors in ETFs Dr. Nan Qin
Harrison Siegal Determination of the Most Effective Inhibitor to Prevent Asphaltene Flocculation in a Heavy Crude Oil Dr. Geoffrey Klein
Nathan Sieminski Cooperative Threat Reduction: A New Model for Nonproliferation and Arms Control Dr. Nathan Busch
Hunter Simons Optimum Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix in the UK, Canada, and the Eurozone; The Role of Trade Imbalances on the Growth and Public Indebtedness in the US and the Eurozone; Determinants of Economic Growth in Germany and China Dr. George Zestos
Samantha Tremaine The Origins and Consequences of Body Shape Transformation in Scombroid Fishes Dr. David Collar
Maggie Turner Domesticating Disability: Homemaker Rehabilitation in the Post-World War II United States Dr. Laura Puaca
John Vernon Teaching Business Ethics via Mad Men: A Student-Teacher Phenomenological Account Dr. Joe Balay
Rachel Wagner Equality and the Evolution of Feminism Dr. Elizabeth Kaufer-Busch
Tanisha Washington Cultural Tradition and Transition in Chesapeake Bay Watermen Communities Dr. Christopher Loy
Katie Whitcomb Neuroprotective Benefits of Methylene Blue on Alzheimer’s Disease within the 3xTg-AD Mouse Model Dr. Lisa Webb
Justin Willis ​Researching Techniques for Robotic Capability Specification Dr. David Conner

Research Fellow Project Title Faculty Adviser
Jason Benedict Trade and Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mixes in the Euro Area Dr. George Zestos
Annie Cecil Case Study Research on STIHL Inc.: Opportunities for Curriculum and Program Development in the Luter School of Business Dr. Matthew Hettche
Elizabeth Cloude Development of Pattern Separation Dr. Leslie Rollins
Clanci Jo Conover Inventing the Indian: Examining Early Depictions of the Indigenous Cultures in the Americas Dr. Elizabeth Morán
Ryan Crane One-Step Syntheses of Biologically-Active Dihydro- and Tetrahydropyran Natural Products Dr. Jeffrey Carney
Sinda Fekir Exploring the Role of Norepinephrine and Noradrenergic Receptors in the Ventral Periaquaductal Grey Area and Rostral Linear Nucleus in the Mouse Brain Dr. Darlene Mitrano
Stephen Fink Utilizing Behavioral Analysis to Examine the Neuroprotective Effects of Methylene Blue on a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Harold Grau
Amber Gaddis Does Herbivory by White-tailed Deer Limit Regeneration in Atlantic White Cedar? Dr. Janet Steven
Marie Gardner Artist Assistantship:Frosted and Cash Register Portraits Dr. Christi Harris
Benjamin Genovese Utilizing Immunohistochemical Techniques to Explore the Neuroprotective Effects of Methylene Blue on a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease Dr. Lisa Webb
Clay Huff Comparison of Cobalt Coatings in the Electrolysis of Water Dr. Tarek Abdel-Fattah
Khodadad Khairandish Integrin Regulation of the Rho Family of GTPases during Early C. elegans Development Dr. Christopher Meighan
David Le Moal The Impact of Literature during the American Revolution and Early Republic Dr. Phillip Hamilton
Erin Mabry Interactive Effects of Estrogen and Stress Dr. Olga Lipatova
Samantha Mangum Sexual Conflict in Clarkia Dr. Lauren Ruane
William Morgan-Palmer American Villains: Treason in America from Jamestown to Jefferson Davis Dr. Jonathan White
C. Austin Patrick Zebrafish Model to Test the Effect of Copper on Amyloid Precursor Protein Dr. Katie Wiens
Hayley Premo The Role of Subcortical Pathways between the Thalamus and the Cerebellum during Cross-Modal Transfer of the Classically Conditioned Eyeblink Response Dr. Matthew Campolattaro
Kevin Purdy The Wall: The Legal, Political, and Socio- Economic Implications of Border Walls on Affected Societies and States – A Case Study of the U.S.-Mexico Border Dr. Tina Kempin Reuter
Tulsi Ratnam Killing Abroad: Organizational Characteristics and International Terrorism Dr. Crystal Shelton
Claire Robinson Effect of Organic Coating Morphology and Quantity on the Light Scattering and Absorption Properties of Marine Aerosols Dr. Joshua Patterson
Julie Slater Determining Clonal Growth and Age in Interrupted Fern using Genetic Markers Dr. Robert Atkinson
Alexa Tabackman Quantifying Activity of Histone- Deacetylase 8 Inhibitors and Crystallization of the HDAC-Depsipeptide Complex Dr. Kathryn Cole
Alyssa Thibodeau The Evolution of Title IX Dr. Elizabeth Kaufer-Busch
Kelsey Woolwine The Impact of 17β-Estradiol Exposure on the Bubble Nest Area of B. splendens Dr. Andrew Velkey
Sean Workman Sahana Eden Dr. Lynn Lambert
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