Office of Sponsored Programs

We have created a streamlined, electronic Proposal Summary Form (ePSF) that will allow the required (two weeks in advance of the due date of a proposal) institutional approval to flow from you to the Office of Sponsored Programs who will obtain required institutional approvals. If the ePSF is not functioning, please complete the Proposal Summary Form and forward it to OSP along with the PI Certification.

In order to complete an ePSF please download the budget forms as needed as well as the certification form prior to starting the ePSF. The budget should have already been approved by OSP. A certification form should be completed by all PIs and co-PIs to be uploaded to the ePSF. If cost sharing is included in your proposal, you must upload that form as well. You must also upload any letters or emails from third-party cost sharing sources.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is a resource for faculty interested in seeking external funding for research or sponsored activities.

Sponsored programs are research or programmatic activities funded by external sources. Sources may include the federal government, the state or private foundations.

Awards are made by a sponsor to the university; however, the proposal author is the principal investigator or project director. Grants, contacts and cooperative agreements formalize the award.

Funding opportunities and collaborators are available using PIVOT. If you would like additional information or orientation to PIVOT, please contact us.

Sponsored Programs Lifecycle

The Office of Sponsored programs provides the following resources to support the sponsored program lifecycle. Our staff are always happy to “meet” or talk about proposals. The following resources have been curated for your use:

  1. Training: CITI training program for IRB, IACUC, RCR, Export Controls and other topics of the day
  2. PIVOT: Funding opportunity search subscription. We can provide guidance on its use in person or via electronic meeting
  3. ePSF, or the electronic proposal summary form which you can utilize after working with OSP to develop an acceptable budget. Once the OSP budget has been developed, it along with the PI completed Proposal Certification/s can be uploaded into the ePSF and when complete, simply submit two weeks prior to the due date of your proposal to obtain institutional approval.
    1. There are many nuisances to a sponsored budget and funding opportunity announcement. We strongly suggest that you contact OSP as soon as you have decided that you want to seek funding for a project
  4. The Sponsored Programs Handbook: This contains all policies and procedures having to do with proposal development, submission and research compliance. We suggest that you keep a copy on your desktop as a reference.
  5. Other Resources: OSP has gathered videos and texts to assist in proposal development. Please feel free to review these items and visit the link often as we hope to continue to build the resource
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