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Office of Sponsored Programs

Post Award

OSP assists the Principal Investigator with the compliance management of their grant. OSP strives to make the post-award administration of an award is a streamlined as possible requiring minimal administrative effort on the part of the PI. OSP works with the PI to confirm that they are able to complete the scope of work.

  • The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) finalizes negotiations of the award with the sponsor.
  • OSP acts as the liaison between the PI and the sponsor, administrative offices on campus, compliance committees, vendors and sub-recipients.
  • OSP issues a Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) and requests that the Business Office establish a Banner account for the award and grant access to the PI to CNULive.
  • PI attends an orientation with OSP to assist in the administration of the award. OSP verifies adherence to the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). The core CAS requires expenditures to be: “(a) reasonable; (b) allocable to sponsored agreement; (c) incurred within the award period; and (d) receive consistent treatment."
  • Orientation includes:
    • Sponsor terms and conditions review
    • Payroll distribution overview
    • CNULive and your grant - how to track your budget balance
  • In conjunction with the PI, OSP monitors award to confirm that it is programmatically on track.
  • The PI plays an active and important role in monitoring their award. Errors identified must be documented and corrected within 90 days.
  • OSP assists with cost sharing or matching by requesting documentation from the PI for all cost sharing obligations.
  • OSP provides effort reporting certifications.
  • OSP maintains a close out procedure to assist the PI. At 90 days prior to the term date, OSP sends a notice to the PI indicating that they have 90 days remaining and asking if they require an extension or any budget modifications from the sponsor. At 60 days prior to the term date, OSP sends a second reminder to the PI repeating the information in the first notice as well as an indication that all purchasing should be completed prior to the 30-day mark. Expenses should not be initiated in the final days of an award without justification.

Use of human subjects or animals in research proposals requires submission of a protocol to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Some sponsors require approved protocols, some require submission, and some require the acknowledgement that award is contingent upon approval. Verifying sponsor requirement is crucial. Bio-hazards, recombinant dNA, foreign travel and other issues require additional approvals; therefore early and often contact with OSP is key to seamless proposal approval by the institution.

Many sponsors require that the results (publications, data and other products) of funded research be accessible to the public. Below are some agency’s public access policies.

Federal awards must comply with the following Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 200 Part 2.

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