Community Garden

Thanks to a generous gift from the Class of 2016 and additional support from the Residence Hall Association, CNU students and community members have the opportunity to rent a garden plot right here on campus. Our garden is located on East Campus behind Washington Apartment Building. The space was created as a means to develop our campus community around producing your own food and to provide a pathway to get in touch with our natural world through gardening.

Application Process

The application process is now contact-free. Please submit all materials digitally.

Plots in the Community Garden are 4' by 4' in size and available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis during two growing seasons:

  • Spring/Summer - February 15 - August 1

    If growing from seed, we recommend you start your plants indoors during spring break.

    Because of the short amount of time between the last frost and the end of the semester, gardeners miust be on campus during the summer in order to have plot for this season.

  • Summer/Fall - August 1 - December 1

    If growing from seed, we recommend you start your plants indoors at the end of August.

    Cooler weather plants (root vegetables, dark leafy greens such as kale) grow best during this season.

Applications open on the date the season starts and are accessible until plots are filled. To begin the application process, fill out a plot request form online. If all plots are filled and we are not taking applications, this form will not be accessible. You may request a paper form by contacting us.

In order to be offered a plot, all primary gardeners must:

  • Read the Garden Handbook & Growers Guide and sign the Plot Agreement (final page in handbook).
  • Sign an Assumption of Risk Form.
  • Submit all paperwork and pay the $20 security deposit.

Once your paperwork is complete and deposit is paid you will be provided a plot number.

If you have more than three gardeners who will be using the plot, three individuals need to be identified as the primary gardeners. The primary gardeners will fill out the application and paperwork, be responsible for garden maintenance, and are the main points of contact for that plot. Any other gardeners using the plot must read the Garden Handbook, Plot Agreement and Assumption of Risk and sign the Group Signature Form before they are allowed to garden.

The following additional garden protocols are required to protect the health of our gardeners and other members of the campus community. Please help keep our garden a safe as possible and:

  • Observe 6 ft. of physical distancing while using the garden.
  • Wear a face covering:
    • At all times unless under exceptions approved in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) face-covering protocol
    • That covers both nose and mouth and fits snugly against cheeks
    • That was put on and removed with freshly washed or sanitized hands and handled with strings or ear loops only.
    • For further guidance and a complete protocol, see the EHS face-covering protocol.
  • Disinfect in, disinfect out all shared items in the garden, including but not limited to:
    • Tools
    • Compost tumbler
    • Tool chest lid (where handled) and padlock
  • Immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after disinfecting.
  • Inform the sustainability coordinator as soon as possible if you begin to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms not attributed to another medical cause and/or test positive for COVID-19, so that proper precautions can be observed.
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