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Five Ways to Make Your Office More Sustainable

Adapted from NRDC's "Green Your Office"

  • Consult our Buy it Better List list to find items we recommend.
  • SWaM helps support local businesses.


  • Match the length of time you own an item with the amount of time it takes to make it and break it down
    • Single use - quick to grow, quick to breakdown items such as hemp, rice, bamboo and switchgrass fibers
    • Lots of use - durable, good quality and healthy materials, such as stainless steel and silicone
  • Request reusable serviceware for your departmental events
  • Look for opportunities to go paperless or paper-less


  • Check with colleagues and surplus before buying - saves money and is more sustainable
  • Always surplus your items when you no longer need them.

Contamination is the biggest problem. Ask yourself three questions before you recycle:

  • Could it be harmful?
    Batteries, electronics, chemicals and other items have special processes. Contact Environmental Health and Safety if you have questions.
  • Is it accepted?
    While some items are recyclable, our recycling facility doesn’t accept all items. Currently, only #1 and #2 items are being accepted.
  • Is it clean?
    Food residue and liquids make for moldy and unusable recycling. Even water is a problem. Toss heavily greasy or food-laden items instead of recycling and always make sure your beverage containers are empty.

Use our Know Before You Throw signage to help your team know what goes where.

See our presentation below for ideas.

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