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This page is your one-stop shop for information, guides, how-tos, ideas, and more for all things sustainability - on campus and beyond.

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We're creating a number of guides to help you make more sustainable choices on campus. Is there a guide you'd like to have or help create? Contact us!

While individual lifestyle choices are an important step toward sustainability, the systems we are embedded into must also become more sustainable and this involves big-picture change. See below for steps you can take today to work on a bigger scale.

  • Register to Vote - make sure your voice is heard in every election, from national to local.
  • Join a governing organization on-campus. Student Assembly, RHA, SDEC, and Faculty Senate all work at some level to make change on campus. Join one of these organizations and make sure sustainability issues are put forward.
  • Attend Newport News City Council meetings. Stay up-to-date on proposed programs and policies and be vocal for change for sustainability in Newport News.
  • Find your state representatives. Make sure you communicate with them regularly, especially when they are getting ready to vote on legislation.
  • Find your congressional representatives. Make sure you communicate with them regularly, especially when they are getting ready to vote on legislation.

Find out what you can and cannot recycle on campus and how to do it properly.

  • See our FAQ on recycling
  • Download and print campus recycling signage
  • Download and print event recycling signage
  • Look at the Dirty Dozen list, items that are frequently recycled that shouldn't be.
  • Learn more about Hazardous and Universal Waste.
  • Get information on recycling off campus

Happy, healthy people are a necessary part of a sustainable society.

  • CNU's Wellness Action Team for Captain's Health (WATCH) - get information and resources on staying happy and healthy on campus
  • Well-being Assessments - Use these inventories from U Penn's Authentic Happiness Website to measure your own well-being.

Access to prosperity for all is a key factor for cultivating sustainable communities. Below are some links to learn more about how to support marginalized or underrepresented communities.

  • D&I at CNU - stay up-to-date with on-campus diversity & inclusion training opportunities through CNU's special assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs for Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Campus Pride Index is a national benchmarking tool to assess colleges and universities on their progress toward creating safer and more inclusive campus communities.
  • Fair Trade Certified products are those that meet standards for fair compensation and treatment for the workers that produce those products.
  • United Nations Human Rights - learn more about the work the United Nations is doing around global human rights.

Find ways to make more sustainable choices when moving around campus and Newport News.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging - get more information about electric vehicle charging on campus.
  • Bike Repair Stations - use our Sustainability Map to find the three on campus bike repair stations
  • Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) - discover the alternative modes of transportation offered in the area.

We have collected a variety of links to external partners and other helpful organizations that we think our campus community would find useful. Don't see what you're looking for? Email us! We want to keep our content fresh and catered to your needs.

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