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Thank you for submitting your feedback. We value the input the CNU community has shared and are tracking the updates we make to myCNU on this page.

If you are having trouble accessing any of the new updates listed below, it is most likely related to a cache issue. To fix this either clear your browser cache or hold the "Shift" button and reload the page.

8/18/20: All items available via myLinks are now accessible via the search engine as well.

8/12/20: You no longer have to log in to view webpages on the internal site. If you want to get to any page in myCNU, you can access it via the search and view it without logging. This also allows students to share links to pages with information that parents or family members may need access to.

You only need to log in if you are trying to access the single sign-on services (items that use your CNU Connect credentials) or documents stored in Google Drive.

The icons chosen for the single sign-on section are the top five services used by all users (students, faculty and staff), along with myLinks (aka, the "gold bar"), which allows access to user-specific links.

8/3/20: The links that were formerly at the top of the interweb landing page (aka, the "gold bar") will now appear below the Single Sign-On Services icons after you click myLinks and log in.

8/26/20: Page spacing and Single Sign-On button size has been adjusted to reduce amount of scrolling.

8/26/20: Silent Witness form was added to the Request Assistance links

8/20/20: Department Listing has been added to myCNU landing page. This feature provides an A-Z listing of departments, which you can filter by various criteria.

8/3/20: Some users experienced a cache issue during the morning hours. If you are still experiencing this, please clear your browser history and try accessing myCNU again.

8/5/20: We are monitoring search query data to improve search results, including links to external sites (e.g., Payline, library resources).

8/5/20: Changed search text prompt to “What are you looking for? Search myCNU” to encourage broad search queries.

8/4/20: External links were not crawled in the initial search. Our team is manually updating the links that were not included. If we have missed one, please let us know and we will get it added.

8/6/20: We have worked with IT Services to ensure that the email prompting you to reset your password now takes you directly to that service rather than the myCNU home page. If you are trying to access this without an email, we have also modified the search engine to take you to the correct page.

8/4/20: There is now a logout button at the top of the single sign on services section of the landing page.

8/10/20: The updates page has been rearranged to sort by type of request rather than by date. We will still include the date each task was updated as some of these include multiple elements.

8/3/20: The single sign on section links now open in new tabs when clicked.

8/4/20: Clicking the link to the feedback form now opens in a new tab.

8/3/20: myCNU is now live and includes the following improvements from the previous internal website:

  • A custom search engine
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Log-in not required to view pages
  • Document storage in Google Drive with secure CNU-only access
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