Academic Standing Committees

Committee Chairperson
Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) Dr. Joe Balay
Administrative & Prof Faculty Peer Review Committee (APFPRC) Julianna Wait
Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)  
Center for Effective Teaching Advisory Board (CET) Dr. Jessica Thompson
Council on Health Professions Preparation (CHPP) Dr. Gwynne Brown
Council of University Chairs (CUC) Dr. Christopher Kennedy
Committee on IDEA Survey Support (CISS) Dr. Ronald Quinlan
Committee on Intellectual Property (CIP) Dr. David Doughty
Emergency Policy Group (EPG) (Administrative Committee) Cindi Perry
Emergency Planning Council (EPC) (Administrative Committee) Paul Trible
Faculty Grievance and Hearing Committee (FGHC) Dr. Harold Grau
Faculty Mentoring Committee (FMC) Dr. Danielle Docka-Fillipek
Faculty Review Committee (FRC)  
Faculty Senate Dr. Rachel Holland
Graduate Council (GC) Dr. Geoffrey Klein
Honors Faculty Dr. Jay Paul
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Dr. Matthew Campolattaro
Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) Dr. Alice Veksler
Information Technology Executive Steering Committee (ESC) Andrew Crawford
Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee (IACC) (Administrative Committee) Dr. Kip Redick
International Studies Advisory Committee (ISAC)  
Liberal Learning Council (LLC) Dr. Patricia Hopkins
Library Advisory Committee (LAC) Mary Sellen
Parking Advisory Committee / Appeals Committee (PAAC) (Administrative Committee)  
Phi Beta Kappa Committee (PBK) Dr. Brent Cusher
Pre-Law Advisory Council Dr. Linda Ficht
Prestigious Scholarships Committee (PSC) Dr. Quentin Kidd and Dr. Lori Underwood
Student Success Coordinating Committee (SSCC) (Administrative Committee) Lisa Duncan-Raines
Teacher Preparation Council (TPC) Dr. Jean Filetti
Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (PRC) Gregg Lloyd
Undergraduate Academic Status Committee (UASC) Dr. James Kelly
Undergraduate Admissions Committee (UAC) Dr. Anna Teekell
Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)  
Undergraduate Degrees Committee (UDC) Dr. John Hyland
Undergraduate and Graduate Research Council (UGRC)  
University Assessment Committee (UAC) Dr. Jason Lyons
University Handbook Committee (UHC)  
University Writing Council (UWC) Dr. Nicole Emmelhainz
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