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Center for Student Success

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are upperclassmen who work one-on-one to provide you with semester-long support in areas such as:

  • The transition from high school or another institution
  • Goal setting
  • Connecting you to campus resources.

Peer mentors have received approximately 20 hours of training in active listening techniques, goal setting, making appropriate referrals and common issues facing students. Peer mentors work individually with you, get to know you, introduce resources and follow up with you on progress toward your goals.

You can meet with a peer mentor up to once a week, starting the second week of each semester. We recommend you come in early and often to gain the most benefit.

The ultimate goal of peer mentoring is to increase your confidence and awareness of campus resources.

Through peer mentoring, we strive to help you

  • Make connections to the Center for Student Success
  • Focus on goals and identify specific action steps to reach those goals
  • Identify and access other campus resources, as needed, such as academic advising, personal or career counseling, writing/tutoring assistance, or faculty members

If you're interested in working with a peer mentor please complete the form below.

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