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Internal Audit

Welcome to the Office of Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department strives to provide objective and independent reviews of university departments, organizations and processes. At the same time, we are part of the university community and work with other university areas to recommend feasible solutions to business challenges that arise. Our primary goals are to aid in the effectiveness, efficiency and overall success of Christopher Newport University in meeting its mission, goals and objectives.

A growing role is to assist the university in its efforts to achieve and maintain compliance with a wide and ever-increasing number of federal and state laws, regulations and standards. As such, our office works closely with others around the university to foster enhanced compliance.

The department will proactively and independently identify and assess key business risks and will be a catalyst for improving the quality of controls, operations, strategies and plans on the behalf of students and members of the University.

On this website, you will find details on the department's mission, types of audits we perform, our audit process, the typical scope of one of our audits, common audit findings and our current staff. We have also provided you with information and links related to both internal and external websites, such as the university's policies and procedures.

What We Do

The Office of Internal Audit helps ensure the university operates as effectively and efficiently (economically) as possible while meeting its strategic goals.

Our goal is to align with the strategies, objectives and risks of the university. We consider risk to the university in all of our work. We coordinate with others and strive to be insightful, proactive and future-focused and promote organizational improvement.

The Office of Internal Audit provides assurance services through the following approaches:

Ensure that the university continues compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations established by the university, commonwealth, the federal government and certain other external bodies.

Audit internal control systems and financial transactions of the University.

Provide an evaluation of operational efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with the goals and policies established by the university, commonwealth and the federal government.

Evaluate the design, development, implementation and internal controls of information technology systems.

Provide management with assistance in assessing areas of concerns and advise on topics such as university’s governance, risk management and control processes.

Please note: To remain compliant with the standards, Internal Audit may not assist in implementing controls or taking management action where there would be an impairment to objectivity or the ability to audit the entity in the future.

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