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Technology Vetting

In conjunction with the IT Executive Steering Committee, Information Technology Services (ITS) has developed this process with the goal of ensuring that technology-related initiatives are reviewed by key technical, operational, and strategic representatives, and are aligned with the University’s stated goals and budgeting process. This new program went into effect July 1, 2019. As of September 2019 there have been some changes to IT Technology Vetting to include a business needs analysis questionnaire.

Technology Vetting helps to reduce risk, avoid redundancy and improve customer support for campus technology needs. The process provides a centralized and streamlined process to allow University employees to submit technology-related proposals with approval from the relevant area Vice President or the Provost. Additionally, this process will also ensure that the University maintains compliance with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s information security and procurement requirements.

Each proposal is guided through the three phases (Technology/Business/Strategy) by the ITS Project Management Office. View the entire process by clicking on the link below.

Any technology solution which impacts the University’s enterprise processes, systems or data shall be included in this process. Typically, technology solutions include, but are not limited to technology hardware, software, network infrastructure, application development, technology-related consulting and cloud-based applications/services. For specific questions about whether or not a project, procurement or idea should go through the Tech Vetting process, simply contact the ITS Project Management Office at

If a requester/stakeholder has identified a particular technology issue/need and a specific product, the requester should contact IT as soon as possible by completing the CNU Tech Vetting Questionnaire and submitting it.

If a requester/stakeholder has identified a general technology idea/need without a specific product in mind, the requester should contact IT as soon as possible by completing the CNU Tech Vetting Business Needs Assessment and submitting it.

Yes, faculty/staff desktop computers, associated computer peripherals and software purchases for individual use, which do not connect to or impact the University’s enterprise, systems or data may fall outside of the process.

Complete either a Tech Vetting Questionnaire or a Tech Vetting Business Needs Assessment. Create a helpdesk ticket and include this document as an attachment. Once the request has been submitted someone from the Project Management Office will contact you.

Direct email Inquiries to:
Associate Director for Project Management at

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