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Small Purchase

Small Purchase Charge Card

The Small Purchase Card is used in conjunction with eVA and DSBSD certified-small vendors who accept the purchasing card which substantially reduces costs and maximizes the state/university’s purchasing power.

  • Card usage is dictated by the Department of Accounts CAPPS Manual Topic 20355
  • Full- and part-time classified employees can be issued cards
  • Cards are issued with your name and your agency’s name on them
  • Employee must sign an employee agreement form
  • Monthly statements are sent to you from Bank of America or can be accessed online at Bank of America Works. Bank of America customer service can be reached at 1-888-589-3473 option 4.

  • Dollar limits and restrictions are assigned by supervisor
    • A single transaction is not to exceed $5,000
    • Monthly limits are set by department supervisor, but can not exceed $100,000
  • Use card for Commonwealth of Virginia/CNU purchases ONLY
  • Personal purchases are not allowed
  • Charge card orders are placed in eVA with the exception of:
    • “Over-the-counter” purchases
      • Cardholder must be present at the vendor's business location at the time of purchase.
      • Cardholder may not phone in credit card information prior to receiving goods or services.
      • “Over-the-counter” purchases occur the same day pricing is obtained.
    • Travel
    • Conferences with prior approval
  • Notify warehouse of items being shipped by sending them a copy of the PCO (or DO)
  • Purchases are tax exempt. This does not apply to prepared foods such as catering and meals.
  • Invoices that are past due should not be paid using the charge card
  • Card Security
    • Never put your full credit card number in a fax, email or email attachment. If needed, you may include the last 4 digits of your card number.
    • Never allow another person to use your card.
  • Never split a purchase in order to circumvent established spending limits.

Have your supervisor contact the Program Administrator to:

  • Make changes – increase or decrease card limits
  • Temporarily remove restrictions (fraud, travel, car rental, gas/oil, restaurant/food, accommodations)
  • Cancel cards upon termination of employment or suspected fraudulent use

CNU has migrated all of the Small Purchase Charge Cards to chip and pin cards from Bank of America. To check your pin online, please refer to the Online Pin Check Cardholder Reference Guide.

Small Purchase Training

The Office of Procurement Services conducts all Small Purchase Trainings in accordance with the University's Small Purchase Procedures.

To ensure all state employees are properly trained in procurement guidelines for purchases less than $10,000, all new employees are required to attend the following training:

  • Procurement Basics: This training provides you with guidance on the department's delegated authority of purchases, SWaM requirements and general guidance in contracting for services.
  • Fundamentals of Purchasing: Introduces the employee to eVA, the Commonwealth of Virginia's procurement portal.
  • Small Purchase Credit Card Reconciliation Training: Guides small purchase card holders in the proper usage of the small purchase credit card and the monthly reconciliation process.
  • Department of Accounts Small Purchase Credit Card Training: This training is taken in CNU's Learning Center located on the Human Resources webpage.
  • Conflict of Interest Training: This training is taken in CNU's Learning Center located on the Human Resources webpage.

All training noted above must be taken prior to issuance of a small purchase credit card. Additionally, the cardholder and supervisor/reviewer must provide a signed copy of the Bank of America agreement which outlines the cardholder's responsibilities.

  • CNU SPCC Training: This training is required annually, typically by April 30, by the Department of Accounts (DOA). All small purchase cardholders and supervisors/reviewers must take this training by the published deadline when notified.
  • Procurement Basics Refresher: Training is required when significant changes are made to legislation. Both cardholders and supervisors/reviewers are required to attend.

BOA WORKS Application: This is a web-based training offered by Bank of America providing instructions on how to pull billing statements, review charges, etc.

eVA and SPCC in person training will be held the Wednesday and Thursday of the second week of each month. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis by the Office of Procurement Services. Please send all expedited training requests to

Please see below for the new eVA and SPCC account request forms:

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