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Office of Procurement Services

Mandatory Sources

Christopher Newport University requires all university departments to purchase the certain commodities from the following established mandatory sources. If you want to purchase these items through another source, you must first obtain a release in writing from the mandatory source supplier prior to the placement of the order.

Furniture: § 53.1-47 of the Code of Virginia requires all furniture to be purchased from VCE. A written release or waiver must be obtained from VCE for all non-VCE furniture purchases prior to the purchase if (§ 53.1-48 Code of Virginia):

  • The furniture VCE can provide does not meet the reasonable requirements of the department or institution
  • An identical piece of furniture can be obtained at a verified lesser cost from the private sector, which is evidenced by a verified request for pricing
  • The requisition cannot be fulfilled due to an insufficient supply of the furniture required

VCE shall be afforded up to 48 hours to respond to a request for a release of furniture valued less than $200,000. Contact Office of Procurement Services for assistance if a release has not been received within this time frame.

As of August 1, 2015, The Supply Room Companies and Guernsey Office Products are the mandatory source for office supply products. Purchases are to be made using their respective punch out catalogs in eVA.

As of May 1, 2023, Cardwell (in eVA as Tidewater Printers) will be the mandatory source for Business Cards. Please see the directions below for ordering procedures.

Additional Sources for Supply

There are a variety of state contracts available for use to Christopher Newport. Go to the eVA website for a complete listing. Note that some contracts are mandatory and others are optional. The state contract number must be reference in the comment section of your requisition.

All technology-related equipment is to be purchased by each department with prior approval from IT. Please see VITA's website for a complete list of contracts.

All copiers are to be rented, purchased or leased per VITA state contracts by the requesting department. IT must be contacted for recommended models to meet your departments needs.

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