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W9 Procedure

When a vendor is neither a self-registered vendor nor a state entered vendor in eVA, they must complete a W9 Virginia Substitute or a W8 BEN form.

The entity must complete the form in its entirety including either a Social Security number or an Employee Identification number, legal name, business name, entity type, entity classification, legal address, remittance address and contact information. (If the entity is an individual, they must enter a check in the box marked “Individual” under “Entity Type”.) They must sign the form as indicated at the bottom.

Once signed, complete a W9 Transmittal form, make a copy of the completed W9 or W8 BEN and send the copy, via interoffice mail only, to the Office of Procurement Services for entry into eVA. If you send the W9 without a W9 Transmittal form, it will be held until a W9 Transmittal form is submitted.

Retain the original W9 or W8 BEN to send to the Business Office with the approved purchase order when advised that the vendor is active.

End users are responsible for asking any vendor to register themselves before submitting the W8/W9 to the Office of Procurement Services. Self-registration proves beneficial to the vendor when controlling their eVA account and encourage business opportunities within the State of Virginia. If a vendor would like more information on enrollment and how to do so, please direct them to Procurement.

The W9 Virginia Substitute, W8 BEN and W9 Transmittal form can be found at the link below.

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