Student Success

You play the most important role in determining your success in college.

Our faculty and staff want you to perform to your fullest potential and graduate from Christopher Newport in four years. We are here to support your academic progress along the way and help as you transition into college life and become an active member of the CNU community.

Steps to your Success

  • Be there for your peers and members of your Learning Community by attending classes and keeping up with your course assignments.
  • Ask questions of your professors during or outside of class to make sure you understand course material well.
  • Regularly meet with your faculty core adviser or faculty major adviser and share any concerns you have.
  • Manage your time and coursework well to ensure good academic progress.
  • Make an impact by engaging in student activities on campus and within the community.
  • Fulfill the Honor Code by living a life of integrity and personal responsibility.

Support Systems

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