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  • Find guides, signage and helpful links under Resources.
  • Click Community Garden if you're interested in learning more about having your own garden plot on campus.
  • Learn about how our campus community is striving to make change for sustainability under Sustainability Committees.
  • Read about the progress we've made and our future plans in our campus-wide Progress Report

What is Sustainability?

We define sustainability as a process that maximizes the ability for people and our planet to thrive together in perpetuity.

We approach our work with our “Three Sails for Sustainability” model.

Develops and implements operations and processes that are resilient, solution-forward and that work toward a net positive impact on both people and our planet

Equips our campus community with an understanding of social and ecological systems, holistically engages them to apply that knowledge through immersive and peer-to-peer learning, and empowers them to affect change with 21st-century skills.

Connects and engages our hearts and minds on a foundation of prosperity for all and in ways that focus on well-being and instill value, respect and the desire to invest (physically, emotionally, financially) in the communities we inhabit.

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