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College is a major investment for you and your family. We’re here with important information to help you manage that investment wisely.

If you find you have additional questions, please contact one of our student accounts representatives at (757) 594–7195, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Student Accounts is located in Christopher Newport Hall 106.

  • Students are held individually responsible for the information printed in the Undergraduate and/or Graduate catalog. Failure to comply with university regulations will not exempt students from financial penalties.
  • Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration or no later than the payment due date established for each semester. Your tuition and fees payment may be deferred for awarded and accepted financial aid up to the amount of the award. This does not apply to the Federal Work Study program.
  • You are required to send written notification of any military or private tuition assistance to the Office of Student Accounts.
  • If you live in university housing, all room and board charges must be paid prior to move-in each semester, including summer semesters.
  • If you add a class after the initial billing, payment is due at that time or no later than the first day of class.
  • You must officially drop/withdraw from courses through the Office of the Registrar to ensure you will not be charged and/or receive grades of “F.”
  • Late financial aid applicants must be prepared to pay all charges by the payment deadline.
  • Financial aid recipients should contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to dropping below full-time status.
  • Outstanding financial obligations to the university (e.g., tuition, room and board, parking fines, library fines) must be paid before you will be permitted to register.
  • The university may, at its sole discretion, cancel a student’s registration for failure to meet financial obligations.

All refunds from the Business Office to students are now processed through BankMobile Disbursements.

  • BankMobile Disbursements will mail you a green envelope. Inside will be an activation code, which is necessary to select your refund preference. You must log on to using the activation code and your personal student information to select a refund preference. Even if you don’t expect to receive a refund, you should set up a refund preference or retain the activation code for future use.
  • The three options are:
    • Existing bank account for direct deposit (2–3 days)
    • BankMobile Disbursements bank account for direct deposit (VIBE debit card - 1 day)
  • If no selection is made with the BankMobile Disbursements activation code, the refund will be held for 21 days or until a selection is made, whichever comes first. After 21 days, a paper check will be mailed using the same address to which the envelope was mailed.
  • You will be notified of the refund by email. If you have not selected your preference on using the activation code, you will be prompted to do so then. If you have selected a preference, the refund will be processed according to your refund choice.
  • If you have not selected a preference and no longer have the initial code that was mailed to you, you can stop by the Office of Student Accounts on the first floor of Christopher Newport Hall or call (757) 594–7195 to request an activation code. This code will be good for 24 hours after it is issued.
  • You can also check to determine the status of a refund through CNULive by clicking on Tuition and Fees, and then clicking View Accounts.

Our services include:

  • Receive and deposit all university funds.
  • Accept payments on student accounts (cash, check, money orders only). Go to CNULive to view and pay online.
  • Add money to your Captain’s Card.
  • Cash personal checks up to $25 with proper ID.
  • Receive departmental deposits (faculty/staff only).

We are open Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. You can reach us at 757–594–7042 or by dropping by our office on the first floor of Christopher Newport Hall.

Mailing address for payments:

Cashier’s Office
Christopher Newport University
1 Avenue of the Arts
Newport News, VA 23606

To establish parents or others as authorized payers:

  1. Log into myCNU
  2. Click on CNULive and login
  3. Click on Tuition and Fees
    Please note you will be re-directed to CASHNET/TRANSACT Payments
  4. Overview Page of your Student Account - located on left side of page-Click on My Account
  5. Locate Payer section-click on "Send a payer invitation"
  6. Input information and Send Invitation

Set up is complete. The authorized payer will receive an email to follow directions.

All bills are posted online. Paper bills are no longer issued.

Christopher Newport University bills tuition and fees, and room and board charges by the semester:

  • Fall bills will be available in July.
  • Spring bills will be available in November.

Tuition and fees are due by midnight on the published payment due date.

For registrations, schedule adjustments, housing and meal plan assignments taking place after early registration and the initial billing, payment is due by the published payment due date. If this date has passed, payment is due in full on the date of the change. It is the student’s responsibility to pay all charges by the published payment due date each term.

Cancellation of Registration for Nonpayment

The University may cancel registration for students who have not made a payment, established an authorized payment plan or a financial arrangement with the Student Accounts Office by the published payment due date. The University does not guarantee that students will be able to reclaim their original schedules. Classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Delinquent Financial Obligations

Students who have outstanding financial obligations to the University (including tuition and fees, room and board, parking, library fees and fines, checks returned for nonsufficient funds, etc.) may be refused all services at the University until these financial obligations have been paid in full.

Students may not be permitted to register for subsequent terms, grades will be held, and the University may not issue transcripts. This policy also applies to students who retain property that belongs to the University.

If a student’s financial account becomes delinquent:

  • The University may charge a late payment penalty.
  • The University is permitted to attach Virginia state income tax refunds or lottery winnings in repayment of any debt owed to the University, under the provision of sections 58-19.6 through 58-19.21 of the code of Virginia, enacted by the 1981 General Assembly, which states that a Virginia income tax refund due a taxpayer may be applied against any delinquent indebtedness owed the State.

The University reserves the right to withdraw or change the fees indicated above. Interpretation of financial policy and fees is the responsibility of the Vice President for Finance and Planning/Chief Financial Officer. The president of the University has final authority.

Payment Options

There are several ways you can pay tuition, fees, and room and board charges.

Students, parents and other authorized individuals can pay online using eCheck, MasterCard, American Express, VISA or Discover. There is no fee for eCheck. A 2.75 percent convenience fee is charged for credit card payments.

Students can view, print and pay their online bill through CNU Live.

Students must designate those who are authorized to pay bills online. Parents and authorized payers can view, print and pay at the link below.

The Cashier’s Office receives and deposits all university funds and accepts payments on student accounts (cash, check and money order only; no credit or debit cards). Please make checks and money orders payable to Christopher Newport University. You can mail your payment or bring it to the Cashier’s Office on the first floor of Christopher Newport Hall.

Mailing Address:
Christopher Newport University
Attn: Office of Cash Services
1 Avenue of the Arts
Newport News, VA 23606

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Returned Check Policy

A returned check fee will be assessed for all checks returned from the bank to the University for any reason. An individual has seven calendar days to repay the amount of the check and the returned check fee. If a check for tuition and fees is returned to the University from the bank for any reason, a late payment fee will be assessed in addition to the returned check fee. If the student does not repay the total amount due within seven calendar days, his or her registration will be canceled.

If a student who is being reinstated presents a check to the University that is returned by the bank for any reason, his or her registration will be canceled. If the University receives two nonsufficient fund checks from a student, the University may no longer accept checks from the student or on the student’s behalf.

The monthly payment plan allows you to pay for tuition and fees and room and board in as many as five or as few as three installments during the semester. Choose from a fixed payment plan or an auto adjusted payment plan.

Fixed Payment Plan

  • You select the total payment amount
  • Does not auto adjust based on the current balance
  • May incur additional penalties if total payments do not match balance due

Auto Adjusted Payment Plan

  • Monthly payment based on current balance
  • Automatically adjusts for credit and charges placed on account

Sign up early to ensure the benefit of five monthly payments. Don't forget to opt in for automatic payments when you enroll. There is a $35 enrollment fee to participate in the payment plan.

The Virginia529 prePAID plan pays full tuition and required fees each semester. If you are enrolled in a 529 plan, please note the following:

  • You must notify Virginia529 that you will attend Christopher Newport.
  • The University will invoice Virginia529 after the add/drop period (see the academic calendar).
  • Virginia529 will pay the University directly.

The Virginia529 InVEST plan can be used for tuition and required fees, room and board, textbooks, and other qualified higher education expenses.

In accordance with the Senior Citizen’s Higher Education Act of 1974, senior citizens can enroll in courses as full-time or part-time students for academic credit, without charge, providing taxable income for federal income tax purposes did not exceed $23,850 for the year preceding the enrollment year.

Senior citizens may also, without charge, audit courses and enroll in noncredit courses without regard to income. The student is responsible for certain course fees (e.g., music, lab, or online course fees).

Under this program, the categorization of senior citizen applies to those whose 60th birthday falls before the registration term and who have been a legal resident of Virginia for one year.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

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