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On The Go Selections

"On the Go" selections may be picked up from Catering on the second floor of the David Student Union or delivered for a fee of $35.00. All items include the appropriate plates, cutlery, serving utensils, napkins and condiments.


Breakfast Danishes

A bright start to the morning with a tray of assorted breakfast pastries

$33.00 (serves 12-15 people)

Bagels and Cream Cheese

Assorted large bagels served with plain cream cheese

$36.00 (20 bagels)

The Cheese Sampler

An assorted tray featuring smoked gouda, Jarlsberg, sharp cheddar, dill havarti and pepper jack garnished with grapes

$55.00 (serves 12-16 people)

Fresh Fruit Tray

An assortment of seasonal fresh fruit

$39.00 (serves 8-12 people)

Fresh Garden Tray with Dip

A delightful array of freshly cut carrot sticks, celery sticks, broccoli, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and sliced peppers accompanied by ranch dip

$40.00 (serves 16-24 people)

Croissant Salad Sandwiches

Buttery croissants filled with chicken, tuna and egg salad, on a bed of leafy green lettuce

$47.00 (24 pieces)

Petite Sandwich Selection

Fresh baked mini yeast rolls chock full of shaved imported ham, roast beef and turkey breast

$42.00 (30 sandwiches)

The Captain's Deli

Fresh sliced imported ham, roast beef and turkey breast with yellow American and Swiss cheeses

$60.00 (serves 12-16 people)

The Fixings

An ideal companion to any sandwich platter freshly cut tomato, leafy lettuce and onion slices

$22.00 (serves 16-24 people)

Picnic Salad Bowls

Choose from our freshly prepared potato salad, pasta salad or coleslaw

$33.00 (serves 16-24 people)

Freshly Tossed Salads

Choice of Tossed Garden Salad or Caesar Salad with appropriate toppings and salad dressing

$27.00 (serves 12-16 people)

Southern Deviled Eggs

Freshly made deviled eggs on a bed of leafy lettuce and garnished with tomatoes

$32.00 (30 pieces)

Hummus Delight

Traditional hummus with Kalamata olives and fresh pita rounds

$39.00 (serves 12-16 people)

Freshly Baked Cookie Fare

An assortment of freshly baked 1oz. cookies including chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, sugar and oatmeal raisin

$35.00 (48 cookies)

Fudge Brownies

An arrangement of decadent fudge brownies

$32.00 (24 pieces)

Ice Cream Social

One large tub of vanilla ice cream with Chef's choice of three toppings, two sauces and whipped cream (group must supply their own ice cream scoop)

$135.00 (serves 60 people)

Sodas and Bottled Water

An assortment of Pepsi Cola products: Pepsi, Mist Twist, Diet Pepsi and Aquafina bottled water

$2.00 per drink

Hot Coffee

Disposable container of fresh brewed regular or decaf coffee, includes creamers, sugars and paper hot cups

$30.00 per gallon (serves 16 people)

Hot Chocolate

Disposable container of decadent hot chocolate includes paper hot cups

$30.00 per gallon (serves 16 people)

Iced Tea

Disposable container of fresh brewed and chilled iced tea, includes sugars, lemon slices, stirrers, and plastic cups and napkins

$20.00 per gallon (serves 16 people)

Punch or Lemonade

Disposable container of your chosen chilled beverage, includes plastic cups and napkins

$18.00 per gallon (serves 16 people)

Orange Juice

Container of fresh orange juice, includes plastic cups

$25.00 per gallon (serves 16 people)


Disposable container of chilled water, includes plastic cups

$15.00 per gallon (serves 16 people)


Item Price
Assorted Breads (gluten free option available upon request) $6.00 per loaf
Assorted Crackers $12.00 per 5 sleeves
Dill Pickle Wedges $0.75 per piece
Delivery Fee $35.00

Condiments included with appropriate items

  • mayo
  • mustard
  • dijon
  • relish
  • BBQ sauce
  • hot sauce

Serve ware included with appropriate items

  • disposable plates
  • cutlery
  • serving utensils
  • cups
  • napkins
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