Demand Response Program - Energy Management Program - Christopher Newport University

Energy Management Program

Demand Response Program

Christopher Newport participates in the PJM Emergency Demand Response Program to help reduce strain on the electrical distribution grid during times of peak load. These events typically occur during times of extreme weather and can help avoid brownouts or rolling blackouts to the surrounding area.

Each year we evaluate the Demand Response Plan that tests CNU's electrical load-drop process and emergency generation equipment. This exercise lasts a short time and generates revenue for the university. During this exercise, we ask staff members to reduce electrical consumption as much as possible by shutting off lights and turning off or unplugging as many energy using devices as possible.

If a curtailment event is requested, students and staff will be notified and asked to reduce electrical use as much as possible. Facilities Management staff will also adjust mechanical systems to help reduce our consumption. These events will have minimal impact on services or events provided by CNU.

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