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Housing and Residence Life


Residence Life Handbook

Important information you need to know while living on campus, including policies and procedures that govern residential living. Your understanding and respect for these issues are critical to your success as a residential student.

Student Handbook

Regulations are intended to create sound living and learning conditions for all members of the campus community and to promote an atmosphere that encourages personal integrity. This handbook provides you with an outline of policies and an overview of the standards expected of students.


Our university residence hall mattresses require twin XL sheets. Residence Hall Linens has specially sized sheets and bedding designed to fit these mattresses — plus all their linens are guaranteed to last your entire college experience!

Care Packages

In addition to the Residence Hall Linens program, you are also able to send your student pre-packaged care packages. This is a great way to surprise your student with a message from home and some extra energy to help them through the semester. For more information feel free to view the Care Package Program website.

Jobs with ResLife

Resident Assistants work in a residence hall under the direct supervision of a Residential Fellow. The role of the RA is to work with other residence hall staff to facilitate an environment within the residence hall community that promotes the educational experience of residential living. The RA articulates to the residents the philosophy and policies of the Office of Residence Life and the university and represents the needs of the students to the administration. The job description linked below outlines basic expectations of an RA. Specific responsibilities and expectations vary slightly among residential areas.

Front Desk Assistants (FDAs) work in a residence hall or area office setting under the supervision of a hall director and/or Area Coordinator. The role of the FDA is to provide excellent customer service and promote safety and security for students living in the residence halls. FDA shift hours are between 7 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily and staff are assigned to provide coverage to one primary residence hall.

Front Desk Assistant Coordinators (FDACs) work in a residence hall or area office setting under the direct supervision of a hall director and/or area coordinator. The role of the FDAC is to fulfill all job duties and responsibilities of the front desk assistant (FDA) with additional responsibilities of leadership and organization for the team of FDAs employed in that area.

Residential Desk Assistants (RDAs) work under the direct supervision of an Assistant Director and support the Office of Residence Life during the summer months (May through August). This position is an integral part of promoting the safety and security of the Residence Halls during the summer. The RDA assists with the opening and closing of the residence halls and supports summer operations in the residence halls.

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